Gingerly Lizzy

A Kodak Moment
2003-03-25 - 8:53 a.m.

Last night I was laying on my side, my growing belly flopped over, resting on the couch when Dave noticed the movements from across the room and slinked over to my couch.

He pressed his mouth against my bare belly where the kicks were coming from and blew and sang at the same time - like a razberry sonnet.

The baby stopped kicking, I started laughing (it tickled!) and Dave would stop, the baby would start kicking, and he would start again.

We both stopped and laughed as the baby started kicking (or batting maybe) directly where Daves mouth was.

And then Dave got a little "in utero" punch in the nose.

The hills and valleys that the tiny guy seems to create all over my tummy are quickly becoming a great source of entertainment for the WHOLE family!

Looking at Dave, interacting with our child, knowing that soon I would see him in a whole different light - as a father, and that we would have our little family, and our love would grow in a capacity that only devotion to a child of our own could cause, I couldn't helped but get choked up. I had to quickly make a swipe at a couple tears that had escaped the corner of my eye before Dave noticed.

For a little while last night, time stood still, and only the three of us existed in a perfect circle of love.

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