Gingerly Lizzy

Strange Mood
2003-03-27 - 9:01 a.m.

I hate resumes. If I ever see another one I am going to barf... oh oh, here comes the boss, whats that in his hand? Doggy bag please?

You know, getting kneed from the INSIDE of your uterus? - Not so much fun.

Getting long back massages out of the hubby due to groaning and strategically placed back arching? - Much fun.

Chocolate Reese's Easter Eggs? - Fun

Having heartburn for two hours from eating said eggs? - Not so much.


I have decided I am going to try and avoid the war news as much as possible. I think I am entitled to not go to bed completely stressed and depressed every night. You think not? You think I am being callous and uncaring? Then go have a talk with my fetus. Because I watched the news last night and it turns out that high stress levels can cause Hypothalamus (sp?) damage. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a part of YOUR BRAIN. and sure, mine is probably long gone by now anyway, but I am sure the little guy would like a fully functioning one by the time he makes his appearance. Alas - no more war tv for me. Instead I will make the occasional visit to and try and be more positive.

And yes, in case you were asking yourself - I am in a straaaannnngggeeee mood today.

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