Gingerly Lizzy

12 More Weeks
2003-03-28 - 8:39 a.m.

Today rocks because I get to leave this boring office at 1pm and go home to my warm and snuggly husband for some lunch and a nap.


Tonight we are eating Mexican with Ang and Bry and then back to the aprt for a rousing game of cranium.

Tomorrow I need to make a pit stop at the Clinique Makeup Counter and I really should clean out my car. It is funny that I am pretty good at keeping the apt nice and clean but my car? That is a differen't story entirely. I should probably wash it too if the weather is nice enough. I don't think it has been washed since the summer. Luckily, the dirt kinda seems to wash off in the rain so it never looks too bad... unless it hasn't rained for awhile.

I have been having weird sorta crampy pains around my tummy... I wonder if these are the BH contractions the dr. told me could be starting anytime now. They aren't really all that painful, and they do kind of disperse when I change position.

And guess what? I am now in the third trimester... the home stretch.

Yipee Ki-yeah!

12 more weeks or so to go.


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