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The Smell of New Babies
2003-03-31 - 8:40 a.m.

What a great weekend! Too bad it was TOO SHORT!

Friday night, Ang and Bry came down and we went to Ricardo's for some goooood Mexican. Then back to our apartment where we played Cranium. Of course, women vs. men and of COURSE the we won, as usual.

Saturday Katie took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden where we talked about the situation between her and tropic boy. Seems that things are in limbo but for the moment they are dating again. *Sigh* GUYS... Just make up your minds!

We then went to the Mall and Old Navy where Kate got the CUTEST outfit for the little guy. Tiny little cargo shorts in khaki and a little blue and white hawaiin print shirt. SO DARLING! What a stylin little boy PARKER will be (yes, that is the name I am pretty much set on. Dave is pretty willing but is still vying for BLAKE).

The rest of the afternoon I took a nap and counted down the hours till Dave got home.

We were supposed to do dinner with some of Dave's friends but the one in particular is being a whiner because Dave is doing better sales at work then he is and won't switch to the Mon, Wed, Fri schedule with him (ahem, some people have SCHOOL!). He is a bit on the inmature side and I don't see why Dave puts up with him at all.

It was okay though, Dave and I ended up going to Red Lobster, just the two of us and had a LOVELY dinner.

We rented Undercover Brother (Dave's idea) and watched about two minutes of it before deciding it was dumb and going to bed.

Sunday we left church early because our friends J* and R* had their baby a month early. We headed to the maternity ward (same floor as my after-surgery stay, not so good memories!) to give our congrats and check out the little tyke.

She was SOOOO TINY! Only 5 lbs! But so beautiful and perfect in every way. J* had to have a C-Section so I was surprised to see her up and about, energetic as ever, full makeup, hair done, in a beautiful silk robe. She was glowing as a new mother and you could already see that nothing mattered more to her in the world already than that new little baby.

I got to hold Kylie for a long time. She fit perfectly in the crook of my arm, resting on my belly. As soon as I took her, Parker must have reconized his future girlfriend or something because he started kicking like crazy right underneath her and you could see her moving from the kicks and squirms. I don't think she minded though as she didn't even stir. J* said Parker was jealous that his mommy was holding another baby but I joked that he took after his dad - already trying to cop a feel from the ladies!

I gave her to Dave after awhile and it was darling to see this big, buff, handsome guy holding this tiny baby that was half the size of his forearm! Oooooh, I just love that man!

J* and I vowed to spend lots of summer mommy days together, and talked about taking the babies swimming in the pool. She told me that R* was already playing the role of the protective father and wouldn't let J* get Kylie a bikini! We all had a good laugh over that.

So of course after we left, all that was on my mind was how soon it would be our turn (82 days, little less than three months till due date!), all I could think about was how Jen must feel right now, how excited she is...

Plus, all this baby exposure is really good for Dave. I think he fell in love with Kylie yesterday, wait till he meets our little bug!

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