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Clouds are lifting
2003-04-02 - 2:41 p.m.

I guess my "gnashing of teeth" mood has passed enough that I can update here in somewhat of a civil manner.

"OH MY ACHING BACK"... that pretty much sums up what most of the trouble is about. I have a non-effective heating pad trying to work its magic as we speak, a nose that won't stop running, and have definitely been hit with the third trimester fatigue I was hoping not to get hit with.

So here is the deal. I was hoping to be able to work until I *POPPED* but now realize that isn't realistic. My back pain is getting worse and it is affecting my mood all the time no matter how positive I try to be. So I have decided to leave this job in June. Probably a week or two into June. I will extend my benefits a month by sucking it up and paying the $254 and prepare for my baby and try and shake this deppression. I guess that isn't too bad. I will be missing a paycheck and paying a little more than expected but it isn't worth it for me to be miserable up to the very end and hating every minute.

As of right now, I am looking at an end date of June 6th. That would give me 47 days of work left. While that still seems agonizingly long in my current state, I think I can do it...

I should have a week of vacation days left by then, that I can cash in.


The reason I was in such a bad mood this morning besides an aching back and extreme fatigue, was that I left my morning snack on the counter and felt like I was in starvation mode AND had to type up three resumes this morning, none of which were the least bit legible.

The little guy tried to cheer me up though, and succeeded somewhat by poking out little feet and arms and waving them in funny patterns across my belly. I think he was trying to give me a uterus massage. It didn't feel so good but it sure put a smile back on my face for awhile!

And Andrea, I love you too! I am so happy about Joe being able to be there! PLEASE CALL ME! I am dying to talk to you!

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