Gingerly Lizzy

46 more days
2003-04-03 - 8:48 a.m.

Congratulations to Anamlabodis on the new arrival!

*Sigh* soon it will be my turn. You are a brave lady for the aux natural-at home birth. KUDOS!

I feel a lot better now that I have an official ending date at work. Like there is an end in site. Something solid to count down to.

Dave made me dinner last night. He was giving me options but all I really wanted was macaroni and cheese. So Macaroni and cheese I got! We watched the bachelor (is it just me or were 99.9% of the girls on this seasons show PERFECT looking? Physical standards bar has been raised I see!) and then went to return a movie we never watched and get cherry dipped cones from Dairy Queen. The first few bites of those things are great but after your tongue gets a little colder, you don't taste cherry as much as you do wax.

It is barely 9 am and already the back has decided to start a revolt. I feel like the biggest whiner lately I SWEAR! UG!

New thoughts:

It is impossible for me to sleep anymore without dreaming baby dreams. Some good, some not so much. Last night in between baby dreams, I thought I saw this big giant bug crawling on the wall. I sat up in bed and scared Dave who jumped up while shoving me aside and freaking out.

In the process I got an elbow to the shoulder and a sour mood. He is SUCH a weird sleeper. Honestly, there is no getting used to it!

46 more work days means 46 more daily diary entries (give or take a few). After that, it will be pretty sporadic. I think I will greatly miss my daily dose, at least until baby comes!


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