Gingerly Lizzy

2003-04-11 - 9:05 a.m.

I did some minor baby shopping last night. Actually $150 worth to be exact. I picked up the car seat that we had both been looking at, disposable nursing pads, lansinoh nursing cream, a wastepaper basket for the nursery, formula (for emergency breastfeeding problems), diaper wipes, baby detergent and some little odds and ends.

There is starting to be piles of things accumulating in the nursery. I am reigning myself in from orgnaizing it all until after June 6th when I have two whole glorious weeks without work(who knows, maybe 3!) before the little guy comes. I plan to do all the organizing, washing baby clothes, and other preparations in that time. As well as a WHOLE lot of napping and relaxing.

I slept really well last night. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone and wasn't too restless throughout the night. Dave came home from work at 12:00 feeling amorous, but NO WAY, I was as heavy and sleepy as a brick. Bricks can be sleepy can't they?

In shower news, it is on once again. Ang and I figured it was pretty retarded to try and keep rearranging it around all the girls schedules. I mean, who does that? Plus, Ang had already gotten all the fruit and whatnot and there is no way she should let it all go to waste because some girls won't make two of their friends baby shower a priority.

I am glad. It will be fun with whoever comes. And especially since we will be able to play with Lan's new baby!

I could have killed Dave yesterday afternoon though. After I went home for lunch and had my little hormonal cry fest, he went upstairs and talked to his mom and sister about throwing a shower for me!!! And I think he mentioned that I was "upset because she thinks that no one is going to throw one for her".... UG! That just makes me look really bad, and makes them feel bad. As if I didn't know he had said something when my sis-inlaw came downstairs two minutes after he left asking what I wanted to do for the shower. I know he meant well but, him having to tell them defeats the whole purpose.

OH WELL. I am not going to gripe about this anymore. I am turning into a cranky, pregnant lady. I want to GLOW. WHERE IS THE DARN GLOW?

Taking my daily thyroid pill while being pregnant really stinks. I am supposed to take it on an empty stomach. It isn't easy to have an empty stomach for an hour before and and hour after in the morning. I constantly get hunger pains if I don't eat SOMETHING. I can't take the pill at night unless I want to have trouble sleeping.

If it were something I only had to take for a week, that would be great. But nope, because of my retarded thyroid, I am stuck taking this pill every day of my life! But I don't care, I am gonna eat anyway. That yogourt in my bag is calling my name, LOUDLY.

Man, why does anyone read this diary? It is SO BORING! If I weren't me, and I were reading it, I would be thinking "this girl has no life so she has to write about things like buying nursing pads, in-laws and thyroid pills".


I am boycotting my own life.

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