Gingerly Lizzy

Flying Monkeys and Stuffed French Toast
2003-04-15 - 8:30 a.m.

Thanks for all the comforting guestbook messages - they really did help in relaxing some of my worries.

So did the fact that I had a dream about flying monkeys in purple basketball jerseys torturing a group of people (me included) by throwing rubber eggs at them make me a psycho?

I think it might indicate something.

Dave and I had our first out of six prenatal classes last night. It was two hours long and really full. I was pretty impressed that all except for two spouses were present.

Most of the things she talked about, I had already known, but I could see wheels turning in Daves head when he actually listened.

The couple sitting beside us was quite entertaining. The husband would make these funny little comments throughout the night that had me cracking up royally.

At one point, the RN was explaning how most women, during the second stage of labor, make it to 3 or 4 dialation and then the pain is so great by then that they are begging for an epidural (if they were planning on it). The RN then goes on to explain that once she had a young woman make it to a 5 before she really started asking, and she thought she was pretty brave. The man next to me turns to his wife and in a coach to player tone says "were going for the big six then honey" while his wife registered the remark then scoffed at him.

Towards the end of the class, we practiced some breathing techniques. Dave wasn't taking too much of it seriously (it didn't require too much concentration though so I am not too worried that he won't when the big day comes), and had me laughing throughout the whole thing.

Afterwards, we went to IHOP for a late dinner. I got the stuffed french toast which wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. That's okay, there always seems to be quite a lot of entertainment in the way of the local late-night crowd at IHOP.

I think the third trimester insomnia has definitely hit. I can't seem to get a very good nights sleep these nights... and this morning was the first time I actually got enough REM sleep to have a dream (about flying monkeys at that!).

The little guy has been pretty stoic since last night... it has me a little worried. I am going to poke and prode and see if I can't jiggle him into reassuring me that he is okay in there...

Ta Ta for now!

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