Gingerly Lizzy

A Third What?
2003-04-16 - 12:37 p.m.

Well from here on out, I see the Dr. every two weeks. My next appt. is on the 30th, at which time I will be almost 33 weeks along.

The only problem with taking the morning off for a Dr.'s appt. (and some errands) is that now I have the rest of 4.5 hours to go without a break. Oh well, perhaps since it is the beginning or work for me today, it will go by as fast as the morning!

Dave didn't go with me to this Dr.'s appt. I really didn't see the point in having him miss part of work for what now seems short and routine.

I get in there, pee in the cup, stand on the scale, cry (kidding), get my blood pressure taken then it is off to the office to await the dr. who comes in, measures and feels my tummy, listen to the heartbeat, talk to him about any questions/concerns, schedule the next appt. and it is all over.

My Dr. was able to find the little guys heartbeat right away this time. In the past, it has always seemed to take awhile, in which time I get so nervous I could chew off my own leg. It was loud and strong, and always makes me happy to hear.

I also asked him about a small spot that had developed a few months ago under my left breast. Dave was joking that it was a third nipple and GUESS WHAT IT IS? HAHA!

It is really small and it looks mostly like a mole, but the Dr. said I am not a freak, it is more common then one would think and pregnancy hormones tend to make them appear, anywhere from your tummy up to your armpits! He said that he has seen some women that have grown a FULL ONE! We are talking a regular looking one... can you imagine! He said it would most likely fade after pregnancy though.

When I told Dave, we had a good laugh about that.

Sleeping in this morning was nice, I got to actually have some more REM sleep (something I don't get very often these days; I swear I had to go the bathroom 10 TIMES last night!). I dreamt that Dave and I worked at McDonalds together... weird!

I have decided I don't like the crib bedding I bought, and so have put it up for auction on ebay. I also bid on another crib bumper from pottery barn that I like much better. It has a quilted sports theme, very cute! Wish me luck!

I am sure it is something I can like for more than a month. I wasn't sure about the last one, but it seemed like a good deal. No more buying things just because it is a good deal. I am starting to be like my grandmother, she used to buy things like a week old pie, just because she got it for 50 cents. Don't worry that it was too moldy to ever eat, it was only 50 cents!

Tonight Dave and I are going to go register for the rest of the things we hope to get at the shower. I wasn't going to do this, because I just feel like it is tacky, but everyone is asking me what I need and I think it is tackier to tell them than to just make it known that I am registered.

I have an grocery bag full of easter candy sitting beside me. It is for Dave's easter basket, and I didn't want to leave it in the car because a lot of it is chocolate and it would have melted. Lets see if I can go the day without popping open one of those babies... this is the ultimate test of my willpower!


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