Gingerly Lizzy

No More Drama
2003-04-17 - 9:09 a.m.

I guess you can explain till you are blue in the face and some people still won't "get it".

Nope, I am not a nasty environment killer.

Nope, I don't believe that using disposables poisons my baby's bottom (forgetting that I have actually HAD mucho experience with bottoms in BOTH diapers)or causes me to be mean and unfeeling towards my baby's skin. My mom used them for most of us (she started in cloth till they drove her crazy) and as far as I know, those "chemicals" had no brain damaging effects - oh but wait, some might argue that! LOL

And yes, who HASN'T heard all the arguments? Haven't all of us disposable moms heard them all a million times before??? Unless you are a scientist who has been studying them for awhile, I don't think I am going to hear anything new from you.

But, once again, (actually, wouldn't this be the fifth time I have explained it?) if I could use cloth at this point, I most likely would. It is just something I cannot seriously consider since there is no way I am going to pay $7.50 each time I go to the laudromat, a few times a week, and spend hours sitting there to wash cloth diapers. My in laws don't want poopy diapers in their older model machine and hey, I don't blame them, you actually have to wonder exactly how sanitary that is since the water never reaches boiling points either!

There are ways to have debates without personally insulting people, I did no such thing, and if expressing why I CHOOSE not to use cloth at this point, hurts your feelings, you are way to sensitive! I simply left MY explanation and congratulated you on your decision. I in no way, implied that you were making a wrong choice, or was a bad person, as you did with me. That is really not a way to win people to your point of view. Secondly, there are choices that you are planning to make that I also don't agree with, you don't see me running over to your guestbook to criticize you about it. I don't know you personally, I don't know all the reasons why you are making those choices, and as far as that goes, that means I have NO right to make any negative comments about them! That is the LAST time I am going to express my reasoning behind this. It is stupid to fight about, and people who don't want to listen won't anyway and therefore, I guess I am just wasting my breath.

I hate diaryland drama, it is so completely pointless and I don't even know why I let myself get caught up in it in the first place.


In other normal and less irritating news,

Dave and I went and looked for crib bedding last night. All of that stuff is SO expensive! I can't get over it! Especially if you are not even going to keep most of the bedding in the crib due to the risk of SIDS. I have heard the debate about bumpers causing sids, but there is still no real proof supporting that - blankets and stuff, yes, but bumpers, no. And most of my qualified mommy friends have been telling me they felt like it was safer to have one since when they didn't use one, they would often find their little baby's part hanging out the sides slats of the crib, and I don't like that idea. I guess it is just smarter to leave them in until the baby starts moving around more.

The little guy has been getting bouts of hiccups since last night on and off every few hours. Last night they were really strong and lasted a good half hour - while I was trying to sleep mind you. I think they even got on his nerves after awhile because he started flailing about in there like a little kamikaze warrior!

Can you believe in 65 days, I might be a mommy!


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