Gingerly Lizzy

31 Weeks!
2003-04-18 - 9:41 a.m.

Yesterday, a lady in the office asked me if I was having twins! I almost fainted at the shock of it, I SWEAR, I am not THAT big!

31 weeks today! Only nine more to go, wow, that doesn't sound like a lot! I had the most realistic baby dream last night, except he was a she and we were all surprised and wondering what we were going to do with all those boy clothes we bought! She was really tiny and I was breastfeeding and it felt so amazing to be that close to her! I woke Dave up and told him about my dream. He thinks it is funny because we have BOTH had dreams that the baby ends up being a girl

I highly doubt this, it looked pretty clear in the ultra sound... but I guess you can never be 100% sure until the baby comes OUT!

My boss is making this clicking noise with his shoes, and it is driving me CRAZY! Thank GOODNESS it is Friday.

Tomorrow, Dave and I are setting up one of his friends with one of my friends and going to eat at a very trendy restaurant in S.L. It will be interesting to see how they hit it off. I am not claiming a match made in heaven or anything, but I am sure that they will at least have fun!

I am going to make a BIG breakfast for Dave on easter morning and decorate the table and what not. Does anyone have any great breakfast recipes they would like to share with me? If so, please email them to me at I would greatly appreciate it!

We were planning on going to FatCats tonight for bowling and pizza but I don't know if my back is going to be able to handle bowling. It is about kaputz right now and since it is only the beginning of the day, I can tell it is going to be pretty bad tonight.

I normally don't like to bowl, but this place is anything but one of those old musty bowling alleys, and the pizza is amazing.

Last night I managed to scrub the shower, toilet and sinks in the bathroom. See, these kinds of cleaning tasks usually don't wear me out, but at 7 months pregnant, I feel like I just ran a marathon when I finish. I am very thorough, and everything comes out sparkling and pretty. Cleaning the house these days is the limit of my excersize. After the bathroom scrub, I had to take a 1/2 hour nap I was that tired!

Good thing I will have three weeks off before the baby comes because between all the nesting I plan on doing and the nap taking, I am going to need that much time!

I finally found a crib set on Ebay and managed to get the seller to close the auction and just sell it directly to me. I will post a picture of it up here soon, but it is a pottery barn bumper and crib skirt. The bumper is white, with little embroidered rowboats on it and the skirt has embroidery in a darling pattern with the words "row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream". It was put in a crib, but taken out before the baby came, so it is essentially new. And the best part is, it only cost me $41.50 and that is with shipping included!

Am I a bargain shopper or what!

Now I just hope someone bids on the one that I have up for auction!

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