Gingerly Lizzy

Thinking of the Future
2003-04-22 - 8:25 a.m.

Two months today until my due date. 60 more days. That is starting to sound close!

I had one of those "this is hitting home" moments last night at our prenatal class. Of course, I still don't think it will completely register until we are holding the little guy in our arms.

Dave and his dad were able to get my car started last night. Thank goodness it was only a fact of the battery cables being lose. Dave and I are still talking about me getting a new car (well, a new USED car) sometime this summer or fall. I think it would be a wise idea at this point, considering I could probably get enough money for a downpayment out of my car while it is still running and this way, we can probably tack it on the Dave's car loan which only has two years left on it, and pay little more than we do every month now.

Oh, a girl can dream can't she? Dave's sisters car is a black Honda accord. It is pretty nice... well, at least a lot nicer than anything I have ever owned! And it would have working A/C!!!

I am so tired this morning! I kept waking up on my back last night. Sleeping on my back causes back and leg pain, not to mention it isn't so good for the baby because of nerve and artery compression. I guess my body just naturally wants to sleep that way now that I have such a wide load up front. I have heard of sewing golf balls into the back of your pajamas to prevent you from sleeping on your back while pregnant but if I did that, I don't know how I would ever roll from one side to the other without inflicting some pain! All I know is 5 bathroom trips a night is way too much, and these bags under my eyes aren't very becoming.

Two of our engaged friends are moving down to AZ this week. This makes the second set of friends we have lost to AZ and better jobs/new beginnings. It is Daves' best friend *L so it will be harder for him than I. I guess *L is going to be making quite a bit of money working for his brother in-law. He was talking about possibly getting Dave a job at some point.

Man, I would LOVE to start somewhere new. I love to move to different places and have new beginnings. I don't know if I would be so fond of hot, hot weather all the time and no snow, not to mention it would probably be harder for me to meet people since I would be a SAHM and not in a work environment. I don't know if us even considering this is realistic - We are still waiting to hear if Dave gets into BYU, and if he does, well with a 90% rate of acceptance into dental school, it seems it would be well worth our while to stay here. It is nice to consider the possibilities though. I can't help but wonder where we will make our permanent home one day, or where we will end up in a few years when Dave goes to dental school.

I figure in four years, the tiny guy will be starting kindergarten full-time and that would be a good time for me to go back to school and finish a degree. I guess I can't say for sure that we wouldn't have another one by then, but I would rather hold out until DENTAL SCHOOL is out of the way. I will only be 28, still plenty of time to have the other five! LOL

All these possibilities, everything up in the air. I wish I had a magic crystal ball and could just take one teeny, tiny peek into the future and see where we are seven or eight years from now.

But then, I guess if I could do that, it wouldn't be as much fun getting there now would it!

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