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Research, Smeesearch.
2003-04-23 - 10:09 a.m.

I am learning that motherhood and research do not always go hand in hand. It seems that you can find what seems like valid research to support any view nowadays. I have been reading about co-sleeping and SIDS and suffocation risks, etc. and then I read Alice's diary and find a ton of research saying the exact opposite of what I have just read!

Therefore, I am not going to bother researching all this crap anymore. I am just going to do what my mother did - that is listen to good friends and acquaintances experiences, your mother, and trust your gut instincts!

I am not so worried about mothering anyway. I am pretty confident in my child care abilities (especially after being a full-time +, live-in nanny of six, not to mention a full-time infant nanny AND the oldest of SIX!) I guess the bigger adjustment will be that this will be my OWN baby, and that I will be in charge of him for the next 18 + years and worry about him forever! Not to mention that this isn't a job you can quit if you get burned out, but I know the rewards will be amazing and this will be the greatest and most important job I will ever do in my life! You don't take money with you when you move on from this world, but you do take your memories and experience and I believe family.

I talked to Big Al last night for a long time. She and I were best friends in highschool, we have always seemed to have a close bond and I find it amazing that despite the fact that we have been 3000 miles apart from each other for the past five years, we can still pick up the phone after months and it seems as if little has changed between us.

She is coming into the same season of her life as I am - getting married this fall, and she doesn't want to wait TOO long before starting a family. It is nice to talk to someone from home who can relate to me in some ways... it seems that I am leading such a different life from so many of my friends, and at times, I feel as if it causes an gap in our lives that sometimes I just can't seem to bridge. You need some of that common ground sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I love them all still, it is just harder and harder to find things to talk about that BOTH sides are interested in at times! No one wants to hear all about marriage and babies all the time if they are single and still in play mode.

I called in late to work this morning. I desperately needed some extra sleep and some snuggle time with Dave.

Wanna hear something funny about him? He always tries to do these different accents. I think in his heart, he believes that he is actually good at them. But they all sound the same, a mix between spanish (he lived in Santiago, Chile for two years) and Russian.

It is so annoying but at the same time really funny and gives me lots of teasing leverage. I love how we can be so goofy with each other, and still think the other is somewhat sane. We have some fun times together just playing off wacko inspiration.

He is truly my soul mate in so many ways!

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