Gingerly Lizzy

Bad vs. Good
2003-04-28 - 12:54 p.m.

That entry was just too negative to leave up for very long.

Things that are bugging me:

The man who LOUDLY clears his throat every two seconds in the next room - ANNOYING.

The little guy painfully kicking his legs out while I was trying to get some sleep in the boss's office.

My hair. Can you say frizzy ponytail?

Being at work. OF COURSE.

Hunger Pains.

The fact that I am thirsty, but too lazy to go downstairs and get a glass of water.

Things that are making me happy right now:

The little guy sticking his feet out - even though it hurts.

My nails are actually GROWING!

The chicken chimi that I will have for lunch in about 15 minutes.

My sister just calling me.

Emails from old highschool friends who I haven't heard from in forever.

Beautiful engagement pictures - Yes Anelie, I mean yours...

The way these pants make my butt look.

The TOUR tonight at our prenatal class.

Looking forward to dinner (Halibut...mmmm) after our class tonight.

My husband being so HOTT!!!


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