Gingerly Lizzy

the Birth Video!
2003-04-29 - 8:46 a.m.

Last night our we got to watch the birth video in our prenatal class (who would EVER want to let someone videotape such an intimate view of themselves giving birth to show to the public on a regular basis? I wonder if they ever get recognized?), sure it is a miracle with wonderful results, but no one can honestly say it is pretty! LOL

There was one couple, who during their break had gone down to the cafeteria and got grilled cheese and fries and were eating happily while watching the video... that was until one baby was delivered and you heard and saw the big "gush" of fluid that seem to be amplified in the video, this was followed by a loud groan of the daddy-to-be with half a grilled cheese sandwich in his mouth. The class which had been otherwise silent, all burst into laughter... I guess you had to be there.

We then got the tour of labor and delivery as well as the maternity ward. I was hoping to hear screaming, thinking it would be comical for a big bunch of first time pregnant ladies and their husbands to be walking down the hall in labor and delivery ... "here is the OR, here is the NICU"... only to hear some woman screaming her head off during her epidural-less labor.

There was only one brand new little baby in the labor and delivery ward nursery, getting his first bath. All of the mothers-to-be in my class stared through the window in awe, and I think it hit us all a little differently than before. It sure hit me at one point... that in a short while (which doesn't see so short most of the time) that would be my little baby boy in there.


Dave as laughing at how the little guy was spreading his toes like a little kitten strectching his claws.

I don't know what it was about yesterday, but the tiny guy must have been doing the same. I have never felt him be so active during the day. I don't think he got much sleep because it sure felt like he used every minute right up until I fell asleep to poke and prod my tummy.

After our class, Dave and I decided to go to Joe's Crabshack, a new restaurant that opened up locally. It was a crazy atmosphere, with waiters and waitresses doing some kind of semi choreographed dance every half hour. We were going to have to wait to be seated for a half hour - at 9:40 at night! but I think the waitresses looked at the belly and took pity on me because after the hostess made a comment of "pregnant ladies can't wait!", we were seated after about 15 minutes.

Waiting for our food was another story. We waited FOREVER while the obnoxious waiter kept telling us that there had been a scuffle in the kitchen between the owner and head cook (who left), who was the only one who could translate between the waiters and spanish speaking kitchen staff. I wasn't buying it, because people who were seated after us were getting food a whole lot sooner.

All in all, the food was okay, but we weren't that impressed. We both agreed that we like a little more of a quiet, dimly lit, less in-your-face restaurant then this place. I like to be able to concentrate on the food rather than be overstimulated by millions of lights, hyper waiters/waitresses and loud music. Not to mention there wasn't a space on the wall that wasn't filled with some fish memorabilia or an old used toy. It would be a fun place to take your kids though.

Dave and I returned home to do some reading in bed and watch the little guy make shapes on my tummy.

And of course snuggle... don't forget the snuggles!

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