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I can't sleep... AND NO SALT!
2003-05-01 - 9:20 a.m.

So last night, no plague of hip cramps. But I did have that restless feet thing going on... when it feels like someone is tickling your feet? And horrible insomnia. I tossed and turned, groaned and moaned, all to no avail. I am pretty much giving up the idea of a decent nights sleep for a looooong time to come. The only problem with this, is if I don't get a good 8 hrs, I turn in the MRS. GRUMP EXTRORDINAIRE!

Yes, yes, I know this is all in preparation for those sleepless nights that I will have with the tiny guy but in my opinion, it is one thing when someone else who NEEDS you is keeping you awake, another entirely when it is YOUR OWN BODY!

In highschool, I had the worst insomnia ever. I would be up until 3 or 4 in the morning reading. I read a book a night. It got to the point that I would go to the library and have to rifle through the shelves to find a book I HADN'T read. The librarian would always say incredulously, "you read all of those in one week???!!!".

It didn't help that I had to get up at six to make my early morning dance and vocal classes at my arts school. I would count the few hours I had left and cry myself to sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

My mother and I tried everything short of sleeping pills. I saw Dr.'s, and herbalists, and chiropractors...

nothing worked.

And then, near the middle of my Sr. year, it just started to get gradually better. And by the time I first moved to Utah, I found I could usually fall asleep within an hour. I thanked God immensely for that.

But everytime I have a bad night, which happens once and awhile, it scares me to death that it is returning. I am already the lightest sleeper ever, you could whisper my name at the door and I will be wide awake.

Blame it on genetics. My mother never gets a full night of sleep, mostly just lays there. She would always tell us when we got home (no matter the hour) to peek our heads into the room and let her know. I can remember coming home at some pretty late hours in my last years of highschool after my curfew was dropped, and whispering in the most quiet voice "mom?" and she would always answer right away in a wide awake voice. "Okay, goodnight" while my dad snored away.

I just have to remember that this is PREGNANCY INDUCED, and once this baby starts sleeping through the night, SO WILL I.

I better. I really, really better.

So, I bet you are all waiting to hear about my Dr.'s appointment yesterday? Not really right...

Well, out of all the Dr.'s in this group practice, this one yesterday was my LEAST favorite. It seems as though I waited for ever for him to be in and out of there in a flash. He barely listened to the heartbeat, and didn't ask me any questions like a good Dr. should.

But he DID tell me that my weight is up a little too much, and that he thinks it is water retention. He told me to stay away from salt (which I really didn't think I took much of anyways) and drink more fluids (which is probably something I DO need to do). He spurted out a list of things to stay away from like chips, salt shakers, etc. The funny thing is, I really don't EAT any of that stuff, or use very much salt on my food???

AND, I only gained 2lbs since my last visit, which according to the last Dr., is what I should be gaining at this point (1 lb/week-my last visit was 2 weeks ago...). And if I have only gained 2lbs, but am over, wouldn’t' my last Dr. have said something? That was my original Dr., and he is usually pretty good and giving me the info.

This Dr. wasn't too clear in stating whatever it was he said, so I am not sure if he was just telling me I am retaining water or over my weight limit.

I know I have put on some weight, but most of it is BELLY, I mean, my friends reassure me that I don't look fat by any means and they think I just look pregnant, maybe they are just being kind.

I just gotta get a picture up on here and then you guys can tell me what you think... (be gentle).


I am determined that once this baby comes out, I am going to turn into Mrs. Fitness. Nothing makes someone appreciate exercise like a little bit of weight gain and not being able to burn it all off or diet. And David has promised he will be my personal trainer.

I actually cooked dinner last night! *gasp* Pork chops and applesauce (with no salt! LOL) and corn. I think Dave almost fainted when he saw me standing at the stove when he came home!

I really, really want one of those dry pack/freezer pack sealer thingy’s so that I can start freezing the leftovers for when the baby comes and I REALLY don’t have the energy to cook. I wonder how much those things run? I HATE opening up a freezer bag to find my food covered in freezer burn. That is a big pet peeve.

Anyway, This has been a long rambling entry. But I have to say one more thing. It is MAY!!! That means in only 22 short days, I will be counting down only 1 MONTH!!!

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