Gingerly Lizzy

Mrs. Grumpy
2003-05-02 - 8:32 a.m.

It's Friday, and I have a wedding dinner to go to tonight, and a wedding and reception tomorrow. Looking forward to both... Kinney really deserves this, and finally.

I was able to actually sleep last night. That did not help me with the grumps this morning, nor with the back that has already begun aching as it does so horribly on Fridays after 4 days in a row of sitting hunched over at this desk.

There are bills to be paid, directions to be gotten, phone calls to return, music to organize, and a bank book that needs to be balanced... but all I want to do is put my head down on this desk and mope.

I dreamt about highschool last night. That I had a big presentation to do on Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle and I couldn't remember his name, not to mention the girl who went before me gave the exact same speech and so I knew mine would bore the class to death. I got up there and then couldn't find my papers after what seemed like forever fumbling around looking for them, while everyone was getting impatient. So I said, "forget it, I will take a fail" and went and sat down devastated.

I HATE dreaming about such things during my restful periods. I awake distressed and not feeling too great.

The boss's wife called this morning, letting me know he would be late (like he is EVER on time?) The reason was that he has slept in, thinking it was Saturday, which is hilarious because I did the exact same thing last week, woke up, turned off the alarm thinking "yey, it's Saturday!" then went back to sleep only to awake in a panic a half our later with the realization that it was only Thursday!

The tiny guy has been dominating the left side of my tummy lately. The Dr. showed me where his bum and back were (which I had correctly guessed beforehand)and it seems to be his favorite position, back on the left side and limbs (I think legs) sticking way out on the right side. Makes my belly look awfully lopsided and you can tell he is one that likes to sprawl out taking as much space as possible... just like his dad.

Usually at any given time during the day, you can feel a little lump of a foot sticking out on my left side. It used to be really painful, but is becoming a little more familiar now.

What is NOW painful, is the bumping against my cervix and the sudden turns he is doing, sticking a shoulder way, way out near my belly button while I am trying to fall asleep. My belly button tends to be quite sensitive and gets sore easily.

I forgot to mention that the Dr. also estimated that he would be somewhere between 7lbs and a small 8lbs. We will see how close he comes. I just have a feeling he will be a BIG baby, but then again, I was a small 7 lbs and they say that your baby will most likely take after you as a baby in the weight department. I don't think I believe so much in that though. My moms babies ranged from a small 7 lbs to a whopping 10 lbs!!! - That was my brother Adam, I was the smallest and I was the first so hopefully that will be the case with this guy. The less to push out!

Well, happy weekend to all. Mine is so busy, I am sure that it will be over in a heart beat and end in my dreading the return to work on Monday.

Oh well... Only four more weeks left.

Dizzy Lizzy