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Mmm, Heath Ledger
2003-05-06 - 8:37 a.m.

How can you help having a good morning when the last dream you remember was about flirting with Heath Ledger as he puts the moves on you? Sure, sure, I know I am a married woman, but you can't control your dreams and it doesn't hurt the enjoy them some, now does it! I have no idea where Heath Ledger came from, but I wouldn't have minded being able to sleep for a little while longer!

Then of course, I get to wake up to my own hottie... sleeping "sans" shirt beside me. I love when he does that. He has such a nice upper body! Makes it a LOT harder to get out of bed in the morning though! That personal training job has put him in better shape than ever (he was always in excellent shape, but now he even goes in on his OFF days to work out!) and sometimes I can't help but look at myself (okay, yes I KNOW I am pregnant!) and then at him and think, "wow, how did I ever get HIM???? It is one of those mysteries of the universe!

Last night was our fourth prenatal class. The RN talked about the after-birth time, postpartum deppression and breastfeeding (which I am so excited about!). I think it was a boring class for Dave, he was attempting to stay awake and "hmmmming and hawing" the entire time, asking me if we could leave early so he could catch the end of his basketball game.

We didn't leave early and he caught it anyway.

I think he is looking forward more to the next class, when we talk about baby care... that will be something that he will have a little more involvement in.

Today my boss begins interviewing candidates for my job. HURRAHHHHH! That means the end is drawing near. Three and a half more weeks left and then I will begin major preperation AND of course RELAXATION!!! LOL

I was wondering though, if I should do a lot of the prep work BEFORE that last three weeks... I would hate to go early (even though I know the chances are small) and then be stuck with all this stuff to do. The main things I was planning on were organizing the nursery, washing the layette, sheets, blankets, etc. Getting the hospital bag and diaper bag ready. What do you think? Put if off for those three weeks when I will not have much to do, or do it now?

46 Days until the due date!

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