Gingerly Lizzy

2003-05-08 - 8:40 a.m.

I don't usually get all political in my diary, but there has been something that has been busting my buttons since I read the paper this morning.

The Laci Peterson case and those pro-abortion people trying to obliterate any chance of a law being passed that would make it a murder case for a fetus to be killed during the murder of a pregnant woman.

Now, I am against abortion period. BUT, If I am looking at this objectively... IT STILL MAKES NO SENSE.

pro-abortion people are claiming that a person should NOT be charged with murder if they kill a pregnant woman with a VIABLE fetus.

This is absolutely ridiculous, and when do THEY draw the line.

Let's say right now (being pregnant), I was attacked, and someone had the intention of killing me but missed the mark and instead caused the death of my baby. NOW, pro-abortion people, are saying that the attacker should not be charged with murder because, supposedly, my baby is not a human life yet. *ahem* - why don't they take a gander at the playtime I have with my NON ALIVE fetus that kicks me when I sing to it, or poke at it, or when Dave blows rasberry's on my tummy.

This is absolutely ridiculous, and insulting and oh my gosh, makes me want to swear.

When do people draw the line? I mean, are all morals slipping out the window here or what?

If I lost my baby, you CAN BET that it would be murder to me, and for Dave, and for my family and friends. This baby, if born today, would have a 99% chance of being completely normal and healthy and would even, under the best circumstances, be breathing on it's own. It would be named, and loved and has been expected and planned for, hoped for, and dreamt about and loved every day of it's existance.

And these people are trying to say that it wouldn't be murder? Try telling that to Laci Peterson if she were here, or her family who was expecting and anticipating the birth of that child.

We are talking about a WANTED, VIABLE, ALIVE CHILD.

Who would have survived, had some evil not ripped it from this world.

It seems to me that the world is pretty messed up when pro-abortion people are suddenly and clearly stepping over the line of womens rights (which is arguable in my mind anyway) and clearly into rights of MURDER????

Normally, I am not one big on name calling but only one phrase comes to mind when I think about them - Stupid heads.

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