Gingerly Lizzy

Cookie Fiasco
2003-05-09 - 8:26 a.m.

My thoughts are stuck in memories of the past today. For some reason, cloudy grey morning skies seem to do that to me.

The babe has been still all morning, which had gotten me kind of worried but I think I feel him stirring a bit right now... I will have to jiggle the bump and see if I can get him to move around. Ahhhh, there we go, I think he is just feeling lethargic this morning, as am I.

Last night I made peanut butter/milk chocolate chip cookies because I was craving something sugary and we didn't have any junk in the house.

But, during the whole cooking process I got confused. You see, the people who made that particular lb of butter (the one that comes in four sticks) messed up the wrapping on the outside that tells you how many table spoons is in each stick - you couldn't see the measurements. I somehow thought that two sticks = half a cup, so I used two sticks and wondered why the batter seemed a little too light, fluffly and wet.

Well, I baked them, and they LOOKED okay, albeit a little flat for peanut butter cookies... but when I tried to get them off the cookie sheet, they were just gooey and crumbly. When they were finally cool enough, I could get them off if I was careful, and you know what? They tasted pretty darn good!

Dave came home and crawled into bed at around 11:30om saying that those were the best darn cookies he has ever had.

Guess I discovered something! Next time perhaps I won't add a WHOLE other half a cup, maybe three quarters would be good.

I am crampy this morning and don't know whether it is from the dinner of chicken fingers, oranges, and cookies I had last night (yeah I know, I am weird) or baby related. The boss is out all morning so I hope it goes away because I am stuck here.

Tonight Dave and I are going to go to Target because there is a pair of shorts that he wants there (Dave shopping for clothes in a department type store! *GASP* what is the world coming to!), and we are going to pickout a robe for my mothers day present - and for the hospital. He wanted to surprise me, but I think I would like to pick it out (not that he doesn't have excellent taste), because he tends to spend too much money on me and at this point, I would rather spend our money on baby related items. I told him instead to make breakfast for me on Mother's Day.

Look at that, already making sacrifices for my bibi - the body, the sleep, the presents! LOL

I am wearing pants that are too tight around the waist area (Even though they sit below the main bulge of the belly). I love the way these pants look, and hate the way they feel but I have worn my "comfy" pants too much this week, and it is too cold for my capri's. UG. I can't wait to have more than three pairs of bottoms to choose from again - so excited to be able to wear my JEANS again. I know it might take a little while, but I am determined!

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