Gingerly Lizzy

Mother's Day Weekend
2003-05-12 - 9:06 a.m.

Monday, Monday.

What a busy weekend! I am paying for it now as I think I am coming down with a cold - hopefully not anything worse like a throat infection or something because my throat is feeling awfully sore, and I would hate to get sick on top of everything else right now!

Friday night Dave took me to McGraths for my Mother's day dinner. It was soooo good, although I didn't really like my halibut entree, so he being the wonderful husband that he is, insisted on me having his parmesan halibut which was - heavenly.

Saturday, I got up really early, and ran around all day trying to get a million things done. Found it hilarious that I am now unable to walk from one end of the mall to the other without taking a break on one of the benches and feel like I am going into labor (hey, it is a big mall).

Saturday night I made chicken alfredo, which was really good. I ended up in somewhat of a bad mood though because my timing was off and we had to rush through it to get off to the airport to meet Dave's sister who was coming home after a two year mission.

It was good to see her, and we stayed up too late talking.

On Sunday morning, I walked into the kitchen to find Dave up and awake (a rare occurance on Sunday morning) making me (or attempting to) pancakes. When he asked me "do we have any buttermilk?" I knew he needed some guidance. He was trying to make buttermilk pancakes without checking to see if we had buttermilk first. We had to throw it all away, and I gently helped him through belgian waffles. To his credit, he did most of it himself with only a little help ("honey, are you sure that says 4 tsp's of salt? It looks like 1/4 to me...") and they turned out better than any I had ever made.

I don't want to spill too many secrets here, but when I first entered the kitchen, I found him cooking in my Christmas apron, and well... hee hee hee, use your imagination. He did it more for shock factor, and it was certainly hilarious, and very cute! ;)

Church was great, and afterwards, it was mothers day dinner with Dave's family. We gave her a gift certificate for an hour massage at the same place I went to. I think she will really enjoy that.

I called my mom as well, who proceeded to cry that I was so far away. But it was a good conversation and I am really getting excited for her to come out here and see me in my big bellied state!

Dave and I have our second to last prenatal class tonight, it is about baby care so I hope it should be more interesting for Dave.

I am not officially 34 weeks, which means one more week, and if I go into labor, they won't try to stop it.

I do have the feeling that I will go past my due date, rather than have it early. Statistics for first time moms certainly agree with me.

I am so happy for Pazzobello and her new arrival! I can't wait until I am in her shoes!

My baby shower is this weekend, and so far, it looks like attendance will be pretty good. I think it will be tons of fun and can't wait to see everyone.

I also have a Dr.'s appointment this Wed which I am a little nervous for because they are going to "check me" - Technically, I will be only a day away from being 35 weeks but it seems premature to me for them to be doing that, especially since I really haven't been having any symptoms of early labor. Mommies out there, when did your Dr. do your first internal check?

There seems to be a lot of excitement in the air for me right now, I couldn't help but be happy this weekend and I hope the feeling continues.

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