Gingerly Lizzy

Martha Stewart and Asphalt Pie
2003-05-13 - 8:45 a.m.


I managed to go home yesterday afternoon and rest, trying to shake the bug that I thought I had caught...

all with no luck. Headache, stuffy headed with post nasal drip to boot that seems to make me sick to my stomach and not have much of an appetite. And this kind of thing usually ALWAYS turns into some kind of throat infection or strep or something.

Lucky, lucky me.

Please, please, please just let this go away like a regular cold within a week or two...

I had to come in this morning because the boss has a big lunch meeting. I think he is gonna let me go home for the afternoon when he gets back. *crosses fingers*.

I also had a mini nervous breakdown yesterday. I got home and called Dave, he asked me where I was because I guess all of his sisters were at the restaurant waiting for me to come and have lunch with them (I usually go on Mondays)... he didn't know that I was sick and before I could tell him, he said "gottagoitisbusyloveyahbye" and hung up the phone.

For some reason, that just set me off and I started bawling and bawling and couldn't stop.

It had to be the hormones. There is just no other explanation. I cried all through a hot shower, getting in my p.j.'s and then getting into bed and then cried some more under the covers and decided enough was enough. I was too hungry to sleep, but too sick to eat, so I read and rested and tried to get it all out of my system.

Besides feeling sick today, I did a good job. I feel much better emotionally.

I did get up in time for our prenatal class and drag us there. Dave wouldn't go without me, and yesterday's class was on baby care so I really wanted him to go since he has absolutely 0 experience with babies. It was one of the more boring classes I have been to since it was pretty much all repeat information for me. The baby boy was going nuts and my tummy was morphing from one shape into the next the entire time and jumping like crazy so I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

During our 5 minute break, I got a chocolate milk from the cafeteria, took one big gulp and then almost spit it all over the floor. Even though the date on it was good, it was SOOOO bad. I mean, I have never ever tasted milk that bad. I think the fridge must have gone kaputz or something for a long period of time and soured all the milk.

You know what it tasted like? You know the way those flesh colored bandaids from Johnson and Johnson smell? Kind of medicinal, rubbery, chemically - well my milk tasted EXACTLY like those bandaids smell.

I know that is a totally crazy way of describing it, but that is the closest I could come.

It was so gross. I was afraid it would make me sick so I went and gulped down a fish tank of water and threw the milk in the garbage.

After our class, Dave and I went to Wingers. He had cheesecake, I had the ashphalt pie and it made my night perk a little to be loaded with all that chocolate and sugar.Mmmmmmm. I needed that.

Last night I had dreams of snowshoeing (more like sliding/skiing and breakneck paces) down super steep mountains and thinking the entire time I was going to die but somehow surviving.

What do you think the meaning behind that one could be?

Well, it is Tueday... I want to go home and go to bed, but that will have to wait. Instead, I am off to read diaries and my new Martha Stewart Living magazine that I didn't renew the subscription to, because dang-it, as much as I like to think I am THAT crafty, I am just not. So no sense in wishing...

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