Gingerly Lizzy

M.J. Fox and "The Bird"
2003-05-14 - 11:08 a.m.

Just got back from my Dr.'s Appointment. Seems like those Dr.'s don't communicate very well to each other seeing as the last one told me I would be getting an internal today as well as my group B strep test, and I didn't end up getting either. Not that I am dissapointed about that or anything. Two weeks from now will be my next appointment and then it will be every week until the little guy (or not so little) is born. Next Thursday, and we will be on our ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I surely can't. 38 days till my due date.

This Dr. said my weight was FINE, and no worries, so because I like him better than the last one, I am going to take his word for it.

I am still feeling like poo-poo, but the doc looked down my throat and told me it was just a virus so that is good news. Lets just hope it doesn't turn into something worse which seems to always be the case with me.

I really, really didn't want to come into work but since I have been leaving early lately, and only have 12 more days left, I figured I had better just suck it up and come in.

It stinks to be sick. Last night, my sis Katie and sis n' laws all went to Applebee's and then the last BYU baseball game of the season (that Katies tropic boy was playing in). That would have been so much fun, it was an amazing beautiful day with hot sun and clear blue skies and they are a blast to hang out with together BUT I was sick. And needed to rest.

I managed to get in a long nap in the afternoon but forget sleeping at night... I couldn't breathe, my hips were aching SO badly and my throat kept drying out. Not to mention Dave was bigtime fidgety in his sleep and keep smacking me with an elbow or arm every 15 minutes. Worse than any nightmare.

Good news is, Daves parents opened up the pool for the summer. Bad news is, I feel so digusting in a bathing suit, the only time I am going to be using it is when NO ONE is home, or LATE, LATE AT NIGHT.

Driving back from my appointment today, we saw the lead singer of The Used just strolling along state st. We were at a stop sign and he was getting ready to cross the street and made eye contact with me and I recognized him... so that was kind of weird, but I guess since they are from Springville, it wasn't all that weird. I don't listen to their music much but Dave's little bro. is really into them. Sure doesn't beat out waching to Michael J. Fox build sand castles with my kids at the beach club in the Hamptons, or seeing him give a guy in a car the finger when he almost ran over him and his twins and us at a crosswalk... that was a celebrity moment. I wonder if the guy who almost ran us over realized who had just flipped him the bird!

Boy these are random tidbits today aren't they? I am boring myself, so I am going to stop now.

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