Gingerly Lizzy

Befriend the Underdog
2003-05-15 - 8:46 a.m.

I am tired, but sick of writing about how tired I am. I am sick too, but sick of writing about being sick.

And last night, I swear I thought I was going into labor. I was having aches and pains from all angles.

Now is wish they would have checked me yesterday. It would have at least given me a little piece of mind.

I was having some cramping and what I think were pretty strong BH contractions, that with the fact that I think my ligaments are ready to tear from this big belly, and all of that combined did not do good things for me.

I rested as soon as I got home for about an hour and a half while Dave read beside me, and then I felt well enough to go and get our grocery shopping done. Then I made tacos, then I rested some more...

And I have dried apricots in my purse today, and that makes me happy.

My shower is on Saturday, and even though only two of my friends have RSVP'd, I am holding out hope for the rest, and going to have a positive attitude no matter who comes, and that makes me happy.

And this baby is scheduled to come in 37 days and really might since I am measuring ahead and will actually be OVERDUE by that point. And that makes me happy.

Friends is on tonight? Happy, happy, happy, happy.

Only half a day of work tomorrow? Happy.

As you can see, I am trying to keep this entry on the positive side...

Oh, but there is one sad thing that happened that I have to share. For those of you who know me personally, or those who have been reading since the beginning, you know that I have a little sister with dwarfism who is 9 years old and the most adorable thing ever. She is honestly the sweetest, most good natured child EVER, and she is so friendly to everyone. Small in stature, BIG HUGE personality and heart.

Anyway, her best friend at school must have been having a bad day and decided to take it out on Hannah, because she turned into a mean little &*^$#%*&^ that I would like to hunt down and spank - back on track - she told Hannah that no one in the school liked her because she was a "midget".

Hannah came home bawling her eyes out and couldn't be consolled. Kids can be SO CRUEL. My mom got on the phone with the principal, the teacher and the mother of that little girl and you can bet the next day Hannah got a BIGTIME apology.

I would have got on the phone too. Katie and I were joking about how if we were home, we would have loved to have hidden in the bushes and jumped out to accost the little meanie on her way home and say a few things about HER. Of course, that was just joking, kids unfortunately will be kids...

It just breaks my heart. Hannah will have a hard enough time dealing with the heartbreak of absent dates and being different, the stares and ignorant comments of strangers. She doesn't need to have so called friends being so hurtful. And she is so darn sensitive and sweet and it is hard enough to see her sometimes get frustrated with herself and sigh "why did I have to be a little person?".

One thing I will MAKE SURE to instill in my children (and too bad too many people don't) is kindness to all kinds of people, and one thing my mom always told me "befriend the underdog". The ones who are different, look out for them, love them, see them for who they really are and be their friends, because one of those people just might be my Hannah - and heaven knows, life without her would be lacking in so very much...

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