Gingerly Lizzy

2003-05-16 - 8:49 a.m.

It is Friday. I only have around 4-5 hours left of work, and then I am shipping myself off the my regular dr.'s to have him take a look at my throat. It is really sore, and my tonsils look red and swollen to me - and since the last Dr. did nothing to really see what it could be, I am going to MAKE SURE.

I had a good night last night. Spent most of it with Dave's family - watching the eclipse; friends season finale; and new babies, eating fresh homeade chocolate chip cookies, talking to his sister, admiring roses and gerber daisy's, watching the pool vacuum suck up dirt, test driving cars, showing Daves little brother what wonders styling and shaping balm can do for his newly highlighted, surferesque hair...

I hear so many wives complain about their in-laws lately (mostly mother in-laws). I feel extremely blessed to have the relationship that I do with mine. Dave's whole family is so wonderful, they treat me like one of their own and I always feel so comfortable with them. I can't imagine how hard it would be for Dave or I (or how it is for other husbands for that matter) if this weren't the case.

*DISCLAIMER-this isn't about any D-Landers, just to clear up some confusion that might occur...

I have one friend who has basically asked her husband to choose between his mother and her... even though I can understand that it would be hard to deal with this particular mother-in-law, I can't imagine doing that to your husband, unless of course there was serious physical or emotional abuse going on, but otherwise, I am of the opinion that she needs to suck it up and deal with it, after all, I have girlfriends who's mothers definitely won't make the easiest mother-in-laws to their future husbands and yet I know it would crush them to be forced to make such a decision. It's all about walking in other peoples shoes folks. I think in a marriage, that is important... it is easy to get into a groove and think of your husband as "your husband" and no longer an individual with specific feelings about things just like you (kind of like how you thought about your parents as a kid). Plus, as women, I think we tend to think we are mostly right, most of the time (speaking for myself of course).

It cracks me up that so many ladies put up with guys who treated them badly in relationships before their marriages because "they loved them", but won't do the same with their mother-in-laws.

Anyway, enough of that... I didn't want to turn this entry into some kind of rant, but it seems the way my hormones have been lately, a lot of them have been rant-like.

I am looking forward to this weekend SO MUCH. Tonight, I think Dave and I will be going to Black Angus with his sisters to use that great coupon I snagged from the paper, and then back to our apt. for what is sure to be a hilarious round of cranium.

Tomorrow, I have one bridal shower BEFORE my baby shower, and one bridal shower after - which I don't know if I will be able to do, but we will see. My shower is also looking up as a few more people have RSVP'd, so I am starting to gain back some faith in my friends!

And then of course, the fact that I am technically at 35 weeks!!! Which means five more to go, and five somehow seems a lot less than six! Maybe it is because if I were to go into labor now, they would deliver me instead of trying to stop it, and that is kind of exciting to think about - especially since I think this little guy is going to be a PORKER! Or at least really, really long. Dave and I are both on the taller side (I am 5'8" and a half, Dave is 6'1" or something like that).

Wow... five more weeks, and I will be a mommy... wow.

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