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I Wish I Could Describe it...
2003-05-19 - 8:34 a.m.

What a great weekend! Very busy, but tons of fun!

Friday night, Daves best friend (who just moved to AZ) was in town so we went to dinner with them. I ate WAY too much food and ended up paying for it all night with major indigestion and heartburn.

Friday night was by far the worst attempt at sleep I have had since highschool. I finally fell asleep around 1:30 am. At around 3:30, I woke up and for the life of me, could NOT get back to sleep. I don't know whether it was because my mind was racing with so many thoughts about the shower, whether I had got the right bridal shower gifts for two of our friends, baby, or just plan insomnia. Finally at 4:30 am, I decided that laying there was just going to make me nuts, so I got up, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed the kitchen sink, counter tops and stove stop, watched some globetrekker, got a major sinus headache, took some tylenol and waited for it to kick in, scrubbed the bathtub and then took a bath to try and relax myself. It worked.

Because at 6:00 am, after the bath, I went back to bed and managed to fall asleep. But not before Dave woke up to me getting into bed and after a little chat about my nocturnal activities, I realized he didn't even know that I was gone at all! I WISH I could be that deep of a sleeper!

Of course, I woke up and got up two hours later to make my house spic and span and get ready for my baby shower.

Needless to say, I was more than a little tired for the rest of the day and dragging my feet.

I had to bail out on the first bridal shower at 10:00, I just couldn't be ready in time.

My baby shower started at 11:00 and it was so much fun! Great turnout too, and we got lots of cute baby things. Lots of cute clothes and nice smelling baby bath products, our state-of-the-art stroller (strollers have REALLY come a long way since I was a baby nanny!), a fisher-price ocean wonders aquarium bouncer that vibrates, bubbles, lights up, makes music; ocean sounds and rain sounds. We also got the cute wicker hamper I registered for, lots of teething and rattler toys and of course, DIAPERS.

It was great to celebrate this baby with my friends and family. We only did one sort-of-game, the toilet paper one where everyone has to guess how many squares of toilet paper around I was - I am 12, just in case you wanted to see how BIG I am. We also took some cute pictures which I will take to get developed this week and then scan for some belly shots! FINALLY EH?

After the shower, I just wanted to crawl into bed and never come out, but I had to make an appearance at Cam's bridal shower since she and my friend who had the first one that day would be there and I could give them both of their gifts. I popped in, popped out and then went home and popped right into bed where I attempted to sleep. Even though my body was screaming that it needed about 6 more hours, it would only cooperate for about 1.5 and then I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

That night, Dave his sister and I, all went to see Matrix Reloaded - and man, was that ever a disappointment. Some cool scenes but over all WAY too much philosophy and we all left going "huh?"... You know when there are too many twists and turns and the movie plot becomes like a maze and you are stuck at a dead end and for the life of you, can't find your way out? That was the Matrix for us.

There were parts that I literally wished I could have fast forwarded, and the little guy was moving like crazy the ENTIRE time, all while I was attempting to hold it so a trip to the bathroom wouldn't leave me completely lost but after a few swift kicks to the bladder, I was forced to give in.

Yesterday was wonderful, church was great, Daves sister had her homecoming and so there were tons of friends, family and lots of great food afterwards, and Dave's sisters and little brother all came down to watch the bachelor finale with us.

That night, in bed, we were discussing a friend of ours who's husband (after less than a year of marriage) has left her. She is absolutely crushed and I am trying to help her through it at the moment. I just started thinking about how lucky I am to have Dave, and the kind of person that he is. I was trying to explain to him that I wished he could see just how important he was to me, how much love I have for him - I think he understands it to a certain degree, but I feel like it is SO big, there is no way he could ever grasp just how much he means to me and how thankful I am for him.

For some reason, I got emotional and hid my face in my arm to hide the tears... I didn't really know why I was crying, I guess I was just overwhelmed with how lucky I am to have him. I wish everyone had someone like him, and sometimes I feel like I was just given too big a piece of the pie and I don't think I deserved it at all.

If you could just SEE how wonderful Dave is, how he is always (or at least 99.9% of the time) cheerful, and makes everyone around him laugh, how he always helps without complaining, his fierce love for his friends and family, his flexibility, his dedication to keeping himself fit and healthy, his SNUGGLYNESS. There was never a man who liked to; or initiated snuggling as much as Dave does. EVERY DAY he smothers me with kisses, and cuddles. No matter what time of night it is, or how long he has been sleeping, I can always cuddle up next to him and get a lovely warm reception and I can expect spontaneous snuggles from him throughout the night. He is so warm, and kind and loving, and tells me he loves me every day, usually more than once. He apologizes even when it wasn't his fault in the first place.

He is so good natured. I hope our son's nature is like his...

I will be the happiest woman in the world.

And I could go on and on...

All these things just caught up with me. Our communication is wonderful, we are literally each other's best friend. We do EVERYTHING together and we STILL love spending all our free time together. Sometimes I think that ours is one of the greatest love stories - ever.

We talked about how our romance has only gotten better as time has gone on, and how it seems to grow every day that goes by. There is still so much passion and mutual respect for one another.

And then he kissed me. Now don't get me wrong, Dave's kisses are ALWAYS fabulous, but this was different, kisses change over time, and this reminded me more of when we were engaged, there was so much desire behind them and they were still so new - and this was just like that and made my heart beat out of my chest. It made me want to melt right into him.

And, wow........ what a wonderful evening.

I just love that man more than any words can ever describe, and I am so excited to start a new chapter of our life together.

Sorry for all the mush, but hey, this is my diary and there is nothing that deserves more memoirs than my David.

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