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Kleenex Shortage - and 1 MONTH!
2003-05-22 - 8:34 a.m.

OH MY GOSH! Does anyone know what today is???

ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN DAY!!! That is right folks, I am now officially in my ninth month of pregnancy - 30 days until my due date, 30 days until I could be holding that precious little guy in my arms (and remember folks, I will actually be OVERDUE in 30 days so it is quite possible!).

This day seemed like ages away just a couple months ago... and now it is here.


The boss is out of the office all day today for a wedding, so it looks like it is just me, and the computer, and whatever clients come wandering in and out.

I plan to start a new book, try and catch up on some of the knitting on my baby blanket, write in my paper journal, read some diaryland diaries and the morning paper - yeah, I know, my job is so demanding! LOL The funny thing is, I would be doing the SAME things if the boss was in the office - he doesn't believe in busy work. Lucky, lucky me!

Trust me though, it isn't all it is cracked up to be, I would much, much have lots of work to do keeping me busy so that 8 hours doesn't seem like 24! I like to feel needed, you know? That is why I think mommyhood will agree with me okay!

I had a dream this morning that I flew to Paris for the weekend with some friends. And this handsome young man was hitting on me - he didn't seem to mind that I was 8 months preggers! Not a bad dream to have first thing in the morning.

Oh, oh - I just used my last kleenex and if I am correct, there are no more boxes in the office. This could mean trouble. Between the pregnancy noes runs and this cold that I just can't seem to shake, I tend to need and go through kleenex like a preteen girl with a training bra.

Time to go do some kleenex hunting.

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