Gingerly Lizzy

2003-05-23 - 8:22 a.m.

You know something is seriously wrong with our society today when you can purchase a deck of collectors cards that are made up of TERRORISTS! The Iraqs most wanted deck of cards?

Yeah, ummm, whatever happened to the good old days when kids used to collect baseball cards?

I spent the whole night last night, trying to defend myself against THE WORST CASE of indigestion/heartburn I have ever had. I don't know if it was that chicken Alfredo I had for lunch (the chicken was SUPER peppery) or what, but I have never experienced it so horribly. It literally had me perched over the toilet, (instead of lying in bed where I really wanted to be), feeling like someone was constantly pouring battery acid down my throat. FOR HOURS ON END. It made me cry folks, it hurt that badly. And when you see blood, you know that your esophagus is NOT in good shape.

When Dave got in late from work, we went over to the grocery store where I met my new best friend - Tums with calcium.

Those things are heaven sent, I am telling you!

Any day now, this baby could drop. I will take having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes instead of every 1/2 hour over feeling like I am going to spew weed killer from my mouth after lying down after consuming only 1/4 a glass of water before bed.

I mean, they tell you to drink all this water, but If I put anything in my mouth after 7pm, I am in trouble these days.

And sleeping in a semi upright position? I don't know about you guys, but that just isn't working for me.

Anyway, enough about that. I am sure I have given you all your daily dose of grossness.

I think I will get to leave the office early today. This is good, good news since Friday's are the day when my back decides to revolt against the previous 4 days of sitting that it has been doing.

And it is a beautiful, beautiful day out there. It is going to be a HOT one, but beautiful. If only my car had working air conditioning! I would be a much happier 8-month-pregnant woman.


Dave and I really don't have any plans for Memorial Day weekend. If he didn't have to work on Sat, and I didn't have to make a bathroom trip every 1/2 hour, we probably would have driven to Vegas for the fun of it.

Instead, I think I will spend some time in the pool, and maybe we will barbeque and try and get the rest of our baby shopping done.

One thing I am realizing, is with a baby/child, your need for storage practically quadruples. And with the limited storage that we have, this is sorta a bad thing. Right now the baby's state-of-the-art-armed-with-adult-cupholders-and-even-place-for-your-sunglasses stroller, is sitting in our kitchen next to the table. Even though it is nice, it still doesn't quite go with my decor, but we really don't have another place for it right now. And this problem will only increase when we get the playard and highchair. We were gonna get a swing but since we have this crazy bouncer that seems to be able to do everything BUT swing, we will hold out and see how the baby likes that.

The boss is here, I am going home early today! YEY! Now I only have to find something to do for the next six hours!

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