Gingerly Lizzy

Memorial Day Weekend Update
2003-05-27 - 8:46 a.m.

What a weekend! Full of fun, friends and family. Friday, I got off work around 2pm, went home and straight into the pool for a little while with Dave. The water was SO warm and nice. Then Dave and I took a little nap and I got a call from Shanni! (a.k.a. - Twiggle!). (There is a picture of us on her site, but MAN DO I LOOK LIKE A CHUB! Doesn't help that she is a slender person and I look anything but in that pic! Oh, and I promise, the carpet in our apt is not a yellow/green color as it appears in the picture! LOL) She was in town for the weekend and we made plans for dinner that night. We met at the restaurant and she is even cuter in person than she is in her pictures (if you can imagine that!). We had lots to talk about and she came back to the apt. and chatted some more with Dave and I. What a sweetheart! That was definitely a highlight of my weekend!

Saturday, Dave left for work. I slept in a bit and read until he came home for lunch. One of our good, longtime friends J* (actually the guy who introduced us) was in town so we spent Dave's lunch and an extra hour outside on the court playing basketball (well they played and I watched). It was a hot day (record breaking weekend), I don't know how those guys can be so active when it is 95 degrees out! The rest of the day I cleaned and was pretty much bored. I am starting to hate Saturday afternoons. I was going to do some organization and stuff around the house but decided to save that for my time off before baby. I can see those Tuesday's and Thursday's when Dave works late being looooong days.

Saturday night, Dave and I met up again with J* and his cute girlfriend at P.F. Changs for dinner. As always the food was great. I am so crazy about their lemon chicken! I could eat the entire plate myself!

I also managed to talk Dave into getting the banana spring rolls for dessert (he wanted the cream cheese fruit dessert thingy), and even though Dave didn't like them too much, I loved them! I guess I should take advantage of the fact that he lets me pick the dessert while I am eating for two while I can!

Sunday after church, we drove up around the base of the mountains to look at all the beautiful homes and gardens. This is something we like to do together every once and awhile, pick out our favorites, talk about what we want someday. Everything was so lush and green and peaceful... we both agreed that we would love to live in a neighborhood with lots of trees lining the streets, the problem with a lot of the new developments is that they are so barren. I CRAVE leafy, shady, green!

Monday I slept in (again), read for awhile while Dave worked his shift at the restaurant. The neighbors across the street (who are like family) were having a birthday party for their little grandson and invited us all over (Dave's family and sisters) for a barbeque, cake, and waterfights. I tried to stay away from the waterfights but I think the younger guys thought it was funny to drench the pregnant lady. ha. ha.

The food was great and Dave joined us shortly after I arrived. We all hit the pool and I seccumbed to the heat and got in despite my reservations about being seen in a bathing suit by so many people. I wore a pair of Dave's board shorts as bottoms though so that was a little better!

It was fun to watch the kids in the pool. There was a little boy who was around 1 year old, it was funny to think that next summer, that is how big our little guy would be!

Last night Dave and I went and got a few groceries and rented two weeks notice which I thought was really cute. I was sorry to see our long weekend come to an end. But thank goodness this is my LAST WEEK OF WORK! This Monday will be my very last day, and I can't say I am too sad about that!

I think the baby might have dropped into my pelvis sometime this weekend. I haven't had to struggle for breath like I normally do a few times a day and it feels like the pressure on my bladder and what not has increased ten fold! NOT COMFORTABLE to walk around, let me tell you. But I am not quite sure that is what it is. The heartburn hasn't let up much, and I don't feel like I am waddling more... I have my Dr.'s appointment tomorrow so I guess I will find out then.

I can't believe I only have four weeks left in this pregnancy! (Three if I go by what I actually measure!). Everyone who has felt him, agrees that this little guy doesn't seem so little. No matter when or where you feel, you can always feel big lumps and I SWEAR it feels like there are TWO backs in there sometimes! I am not sure If I mentioned this previously, but Dave and I made our weight and due date guesses. I think Dave's weight guess was 7lbs and 8 ounces with a due date of the 13th (I will have to check on that), My guess was around 9lbs with a due date of the 23rd. We will see who is right! On the weight issue, it would be nice if he was right but I would like my mom to be here for the birth (even though I wouldn't mind the little guy being here sooner!).

Tomorrow, I should get checked for the first time I think. I wonder if some of the uncomfortable pressures I have been having could be due to dilating a bit... we will see!

This all seems to be happening so fast! How do you ever prepare for something that will fully and completely change your life forever!

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