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Pediatrician or MD?
2003-05-29 - 8:50 a.m.

I don't have much to write about today. Can you believe it was 99 degrees here? In May? It was the hottest day in May - EVER in this valley. That doesn't give me much confidence in nice summer weather!

Dave and I went and got our playard last night. It is a Graco model, navy blue, very cute. I wish it had better directions on what goes where though. There were these metal bars that we finally figured out were to stabilize the bassinet better, but for awhile we were clueless as to what they were for.

I also picked up my Avent manual breastpump. Initially, it looked pretty scary and complicated but I figured it out and even sort of tested it out with a squeeze or two (LOL) But I think I used a little too much suction cause OUCH! Boy is that thing powerful! Dave wanted me to test it out on him just to see what it felt like. It was all very funny but he did note that it felt like someone was pinching him.

I had a visit from a couple of ladies from my church last night. One of them is a nurse and she reminds me a lot of my mom in a lot of ways. I was asking her about pediatricians - she is a mother of 4, and has been a nurse for a long time in this area and seems to know every doctor. I had been meaning to ask her about pediatricians because she always seems to have such good advice for me with anything that is medical related (and more!) - Anyway, we were talking about some good pediatricians in the area, and here is the thing -

When I was a kid, I don't think I ever ONCE saw a pediatrician. My mom just made sure that she loved her family Dr. to pieces and that is who we always saw. Whenever there was a problem that he couldn't take care of he always referred us to a specialist anyway (which all pediatricians do too). So I was asking L* (my nurse friend) if she thought there were any benefits to seeing a pediatrician. She said that she has taken her kids to both a family Dr. and a Pediatrician and she personally preferred the family Dr. The reasons being that

1) Pediatricians tend to be a LOT more busy with patients. It takes longer to get in to see them and she found she was waiting on the phone forever just to make appointments (keep in mind that there are a LOT of big families in this area - tons of kids!)

2) We talked about how the waiting rooms in these offices always tended to be full of sick kids and germ infested toys and how the kids we would take in, (when I was a nanny I had a problem with this), would always seem to come out with something a little extra afterwards!

When I mentioned how much I liked my family Dr., she asked who it was and when I mentioned his name, both of the ladies exclaimed how wonderful he was. I love him too, he looks SO young, but isn't quite as young as you think. It never feels like he is in a rush to get me out of there, he always takes time to ask questions and listen to all of my concerns, he is friendly and smiley and you can tell that he is still in love with his job. Not to mention that he has four children of his own - obviously loves them, and that to me is worth a lot on it's own. He is humble and gentle, not to mention that every time I have called his office, I have been able to get in to see him that same day or the next day without ever putting up a fuss. A rarity.

L* and my other friend M* are both older, wiser, with large families of their own and are wonderful mothers.

I made a decision that I will just be using my family Dr. and not worry about a pediatrician - of course, if for some reason my child has more serious health problems, he would most likely refer me to one anyway - but I feel good about this decision and am glad that I can just stick with someone I know and trust.

One more big preparation solved.

I feel like the preparations never end when it comes to having a baby - there is always one more thing that I could do, or organize or purchase. It is all pretty overwhelming at times!

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