Gingerly Lizzy

No Good, Very Bad, Afternoon
2003-05-30 - 3:27 p.m.

Ug, what a day it has been.

And I mean that in a not so good way. I went from having a fabulous morning, to a horrible afternoon, all in the matter of an hour.

I was in good spirits this morning (it just took me four attempts and typing spirits the right way, I kept hitting the p key first...), it being my second last day of work, a Friday, and beautiful morning with little traffic on the road for some weird reason and no doofus girls trying to apply mascara while braking in front of me every two seconds to make sure they got every lash.

A diaryland entry that I was somewhat satisfied with instead of feeling like I was wasting my breath. A call from my sister, and a gift certificate to PF Changs from the boss (I LOVE that restaurant) thanking me for the past two years I have put in here.

And then I went to lunch, and everything turned upside down. My non air conditioned car had me looking like I had just run a marathon, Adam (my 17 yr. old bro in law) scared me to death by popping out of the gate and yelling boo (I DETEST PEOPLE SCARING ME LIKE THAT, honestly, it is an instant bad mood for me), I felt crampy and bloated and had to lay down which prompted my acid reflux, David called me crabby (which always makes it worse doesn't it) and gave me a hard time about istalling a smoke/carbon monoxide detector - Yes honey, we DO need it. And then the hormones hit, I locked myself in the bathroom and cried, there was nothing appealing to eat and I felt bad because I finally got that wedding invitation from a friend who I had been complaining hadn't invited us.

And then it hit, this intense, burning/pain/totallyweirdsensation. That made me crumble to the bathroom floor clutching my... well, picture a little kid who has to go to the bathroom really REALLY badly.

More tears ensued, this time I wasn't careful enough to make sure my mascara didn't end up all over my face - and I think Dave thought I was going into labor. It just hurt and burned SO BAD. I was thinking, either my cervix is dialating right here and now, or I have just started to feel a UTI, a really, really horrible case. But why did it come on so suddenly.

I decided to drive to work and from there to the Dr.'s office. If this was an infection, there was NO WAY I was going to suffer with it all weekend. I walked into my boss's office, informed him I would be paying a visit to the Dr.'s and off I went.

I went in the cup and waited and then the nurse told me: "Well, no infection, there was a little blood but since you were just checked on Wed, that is common. The pressure is most likely from the baby, and luckily you won't have to put up with it much longer!"

Huh? You mean this little stinker is causing me this agony? And I might have to put up with it for HOW MUCH LONGER?

*wailing and gnashing of teeth ensues*

So yeah, I guess burning is completely normal. Did any of you get this burning/agonizing/pain/feel-like-an-elephant-is-sitting-on-my-bladder-but-there-isn't-an-tsp-in-there/where-the-heck-is-that-coming-from pain?

This pregnancy was so much more than I bargained for! Good thing the baby will be too... but in a good way!

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