Gingerly Lizzy

The End has arrived
2003-06-02 - 8:41 a.m.

Well, this is it. Choirs of angels are singing in joy for me right now - it is my LAST DAY OF WORK.

Yes, that is right folks. No more daily updates. But I will try to be good about updating pretty regularly, at least until baby comes and then I am sure it will be less regularly but I will still keep up!

I can't believe that I have been at this job almost two years... two years ago today I would have been getting ready to leave my nanny job in CT, looking forward to my long drive back to UT to see David. I wasn't quite sure what would happen with us, but I had every hope that it would be exactly what did happen! And man, look at us now, ready to expand our family to three and more in love than ever before...

all in just two years.

I will be a little sad to leave the company, after all, they have been so good to me, and I am sure I will never find a boss who is quite so kind and considerate as this one has been.

But I am so excited for the next stage of life. So excited in fact, that lately, sleep has been eluding me. My mind races every night, it takes hours to fall asleep, and is almost impossible to do so for the entire night.

Last night I woke up at 3:30 a.m., and totally could NOT fall back asleep. I watched some animal planet, grabbed a bowl of mini wheats and settled myself down into the couch to wait until the urge hit me again.

I went back to bed around 5:30 this morning... now I have a headache, and am quite tired but of course in a good mood - how can I not be? I am finished with a job that has been boring me to death and causing me extreme back pain, and looking forward to meeting my little baby boy in 2-3 weeks.

Life is good.

This weekend seemed to be especially good for those very reasons.

Friday night Dave and I resumed the Monopoly wars, and I think having his baby inside of me has made me somewhat lucky because I WON! BOY DID I WIN! You have to remember that I NEVER win (except once that I documented here in diaryland when we were first married). But Friday night, lady luck was looking over my shoulder and I won bigtime.

Saturday, I went to the mall to pick out some father's day cards and see if I could find Katie who was getting her hair highlighted. My car was so hot, I felt like I was all but melted by the time I actually got there. Then as soon as I had walked a few meters, those lovely pregnancy shooting pains began, causing me to clutch the underside of my belly and probably make passers by think I was going into labor.

I managed to get the cards and get out without collapsing on the floor but it was no easy task. I also came out of the Hallmark store with a beautiful baby book for the little guy.

I picked up Katie who had made it to her apartment earlier than I thought and we went back to our place where swimming and goofiness ensued. My good friend J* came over and swam with us, we spent way too much time in the sun (but I was a good girl and wore my waterproof sun screen) and I missed my much needed afternoon nap. Katie's tropic boy joined Dave and I for dinner that night (he be leaving today to play baseball in Cali. until mid August) and we were planning to go hang out with J* and her husband afterwards but I was about ready to pass out from fatigue so I made Dave go home and go to bed with me. Hey, we pregnant lady's need our sleep!

Sunday, our good friends baby was blessed so we went to that, and to their home afterwards where they had a spread of food that would rival any wedding. They even had butter tarts! (They are originally from Alberta Canada). Those Canadians out there will know what I am talking about, and since Americans have for the most part never heard of them, it was a rare treat for me and I had two.

Dave and I tried to put the car seat in yesterday, but OH MY GOSH, what a piece of junk. This was a Graco snuggleride, everyone was telling me how much they loved the thing and how good it was, it seemed to have a good reputation but the thing would not stay "snug" no matter how much Dave tightened the seat belt. After some wiggling, it was definitely moving more than 2 inches side to side, not to mention there is really nothing that anchors the from part in so it would flip up pretty easily, and then we snapped the carrier base it which is supposed to be secure but with a swift hard tug of Dave’s hand, the whole thing easily came flying out. Yeah, a car accident would have about 10x that much force and there is NO WAY a baby would be healthy after that!

So disappointing because that is the one that also snaps into our stroller. Not to mention that adds up to three more things we have to do. I have a number here for a car seat safety place so I am going to call them today and see what they say about those. Maybe we just happened to get a faulty one. We will have to return it and get something else and then for sure are going to go and have it checked. Scary to think that those things can be so UNSAFE.

Sunday night, Dave, his sister and I attempted another Monopoly game, but Dave started to lose again and basically ruined the game so we gave that up and instead got some advice from my very-wise father-in-law about what to do with my 401K now that I was leaving. If we are smart about this money, it could end up being a nice little chunk of our nest egg once we retire. Dave is going to educate himself a little more about finances and the stock market and play with it a little (moderately of course), but he seems really, really excited to do so.

Besides the fact that I am getting very little sleep lately, having cramping and shooting pains anytime the baby so much as wiggles a finger - I am doing pretty good. I know that 20 days will go by fast so I am really going to make the most of this time (my little vacation) and try to enjoy it as much as possible, but it sure is hard when you are anticipating something so great and life-changing.

OH, and pictures are coming, very, very soon - so be ready!


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