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2003-06-11 - 9:50 p.m.

Oh how I miss all you wonderful d-land ladies! Thanks so much for the comments, Judy, Reva, Andrea, Mollie and many others! Don't worry, you will know when I go into labor, I will have my good ol' sis Katie update for me and give you the latest and I promise a birth story not too long after.

Still pregnant (of course). I am really thinking that this little guy is going to stay in here as long as possible! I had my Dr.'s appt. today, he said they would wait until I was a week over before they induced me. I told him I would like it to be done a little sooner if possible because my insurance ends at the end of the month and the 29th would be cutting it a little close. Of course, we have Dave's to fall back on, but when you are talking a few thousand dollars, that extra 10% co-pay makes a big difference!

It wasn't horrible news but not the greatest either. I have only dialated 1/2 cm more. I am 75% effaced though so I guess that is good, and he said the baby's head has moved down even farther. He felt it, and I could tell when he did because all the sudden the baby seemed to toss and try and squish up as far as he could! I wish I could have been the one to feel his little head!

Last night, I really thought I was going into labor. Dave and I tried one of Mollie's suggestions (heh heh) and I had a lot of cramping and some weird pains throughout the night. I guess it was a false alarm though because I woke up still pregnant! Darn! LOL

Today after my visit, I went back to bed for awhile and then got up and organized the closets (can't wait to fit back into my cute jeans!) and made room for the baby play yard in our room (where he will sleep for the first week or so). I still have so much to do, and have gotten behind on my list but it is just hard to find the energy to do everything! I did manage to float around in the pool for awhile though. Nothing is quite as comfortable as getting a pool noodle under my knees, and one under my neck and then just floating with my eyes closed in the cool water... it is the most comfortable thing I can do at this point and I find myself drifting off from time to time, that weightless feeling... mmmm.

A couple days ago, we thought Dave was going to be running the gym solo, and getting a HUGE raise along with it, but knowing it was too good to be true, I didn't get my hopes up too much and good thing because it didn't quite work out that way. He did get a promotion, to shift 2 manager. The pay raise is miniscule but the opportunity for him to make bonuses increased a lot and if his team does well, he will be bringing home big fat paychecks - most likely in the fall when business starts to pickup. In a way, I am glad the first offer didn't go through because it would have meant he would have worked late four nights a week, and that is just TOO many nights to have to go to bed by myself, and I am sure when school started, he would be missing a lot of time with the little guy.

GUESS WHAT! Pictures are coming soon! I got them back yesterday and plan to download and post tomorrow. These ones are a lot more flattering than the one Shanni posted on her website - I don't look quite has heifer-ish!

My tummy is bigger than EVER. The skin is stretched so tight across it that it continuously feels like it will split open at any momment. I am thinking that by the end of the week or so, my luck with not getting any stretch marks on it so far, will be over. There is just no more skin to go around!

Even the nurse that the office today said that my tummy is ALL BABY... and it does feel rock hard 99.9% of the time!

So, this week is almost over, which means one more until my due date. CRAZY! Pretty soon it will be a single digit countdown... I can't hardly believe it. What will he look like? What will his laugh sound like? His cry? His temperment? Will he be active or relaxed? What will it be like to breastfeed? To devote my life to this little person? What will it be like to see Dave as a father, to see my parents as grandparents? These are some of the thoughts that run through my mind at night, when I can't sleep.

I just can't wait until these questions are answered!


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