Gingerly Lizzy

2003-06-23 - 11:41 a.m.

I'm back... well sort of. As you all know (I haven't read what my sister posted yet, so I really don't know what you know), I had my baby! A week early at that (HUGE SURPRISE! YEY!). Blake was born on June 16th (and funny that my birthday is July 16th!) at 8:08pm.

He is the most beautiful baby boy (and I am NOT just saying that because I am his mother...) and I have been in heaven ever since (although somewhat sore and sleepy!). He was 8.5 lbs (but no one can believe he is that big, even the nurses, he looks so tiny and skinny!) and 20 and a half inches long. He has dark fuzzy hair, although not very much of it, and his fathers tiny ears, and my long toes and triangular nostrils! (I swear they are perfect triangles!)

I am totally sleep deprived, turning into zombie mode this week and breastfeeding had been more than a challenge (OUCH), but I have managed to stick with it so far despite the torture and hope to make it through this next week and that things get a little more bearable in that department.

But, I am totally in love with this darling little creature, cry all the time just because I am so happy and am experiencing one of the happiest times in my life.

It has sure been an adjustment and we sure have a lot of adjusting to do - but all in all, things have been going well.

My time is super limited these days, so this isn't going to be a very long entry. I am going to try and get around to his birth story this week and hopefully read a few of your diaries and catch up on what has been going on! I feel so out of the loop.

It feels great not to be pregnant anymore and even better to be a mommy...

I think I am going to love this job!



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