Gingerly Lizzy

BIG baby on board!
2003-08-06 - 8:39 p.m.

Well, I fly home tomorrow with Katie and the little guy.

Things I am nervous as heck about:

1. Blake's ears hurting and him screaming his head off during takeoff or landing (yes, I do know about the nursing thing)

2. Blake getting sick all over me and himself.

3. Blake having a huge poop session that gets all over himself and me.

4. Blake deciding he wants to be really colicky the entire 5-6 hour plane ride.

5. A mean person sitting beside us who is ignorant and uncompassionate.

6. Getting stuck between TWO mean people who are ignorant and uncompassionate (please pray I get an isle seat!)

7. The plane crashes or plumets into the sea and I was too cheap to get an extra ticket (actually too broke) for Blake to sit in his car seat all safe and strapped in.

Now normally, I am never concerned about anything concerning plane crashes but having a baby changes EVERYTHING! LOL

I am sitting here typing away, when I should probably be making sure I didn't forget to pack anything, taking a nap or cleaning my house. Dave has baby duty tonight to give me some much needed free time to get things done and what am I doing? Updating my diary of COURSE!

I have a major headache and if it doesn't go away in an hour, I am going to forget about these tylenols ever working and take one of the leftover percocets that were originally for my after pregnancy pains.

but maybe that would be bad for the nursing and Blake will konk out all night. Wait! That would be bad? Of course, just joking... sorta.

I am so excited to see my dad as a grandpa and my bro's and sisters as aunts and uncles. And of course the friend's reactions since I am the first out of our group to produce spawn.

Random answers to questions you might be wondering about:

Yes I am still nursing despite worse-than-all-get-out-pain I experienced at first. And NOPE, it wasn't the wrong latch- more like the wrong equipment! Starting to enjoy it more? Well, not really - don't mind the closeness, do mind how much I am tied down and how long it takes. I still plan to stick with it though.

No, Blake isn't sleeping through the night yet. Something I plan to try and remedy as soon as we get back.

No, I haven't lost all the weight yet, still have 10lbs to be back at pre-pregnancy weight, and 10 to be at my ideal-when-I-met-Dave weight.

Yes, I think that fact that most of the clothes I purchased in the last three years look horrible on me now (too snug in the tummy area) proves that I stink at thinking ahead. And of course, now I have two shirts that I can actually wear without gagging at myself in the mirror.

Yes, Dave and I are still happily married. We just have a lot less time to spend at being happily married.

Okay, so that should about take care of that.

I took the little monkey in for a pre-travel check-up to make sure he was cleared for take-off and guess how much he weighs? Just guess!

12 FREAKING LBS! I think my milk is pure cream because my friends 4 month old weighs 13.

He really doesn't seem that big, he just must be a solid little guy because he is definitely not what you would call a chubby baby.

Still, if he keeps up this growing weight, he will be out of his car seat at five months. Scary thought. Hopefully the growth spurt slows down just a tad.



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