Gingerly Lizzy

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY
2003-08-28 - 8:30 p.m.

I know, I know,

It has been way too long. Canada was so fun. So wonderful to be near my family. But wayyyyy too long to be apart from Dave. It was awesome coming home to him though, distance definitely made the heart grow fonder, it felt like we were just married all over again! I came home to rose petals all over the floor and leading to the bed which he had covered in Hersheys kisses and hugs with a bottle of Martinelli's and a dozen roses and a hilarious, romantic card. Do I have the best husband or what?

I got pretty homesick though afterwards. I went from having a full house everyday to just Blake and I and I missed the company. My parents have been talking about possibly moving out here. Here's to hoping!

Blake was pretty fussy. I think he got a little spoiled being held CONSTANTLY. But, we are working on that. The good news is... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! That is right, the past three nights he has slept to 6am or later. It hasn't affected my milk supply yet so lets hope it doesn't.

The other big news is that I have been having some weird health issues lately. Fainting a lot, (banked my knee off the bed frame when I dropped, luckily, Dave was there to catch me so my head didn't follow!) You should see the nice scrape. It also seems like I black out almost every time I stand.

A doctors visit showed that my blood pressure drops when I stand, and my thyroid levels were too high so he is lowering my thyroid meds.

But the weird thing is the numbness in my arms. At first I thought it was from holding Blake but when I switched arms(the right one was much worse) nothing changed and it actually got worse. I wake up at night with dead arms even if I am not sleeping on them, and sometimes, am unable to get the feeling back for a long, long time. The past three days, I have not had complete feeling in my fingertips.

My Dr. seems to be pretty worried about this and to tell the truth, so am I. It is just so strange. Not to mention extremely annoying.

I went in again this morning (2nd time this week) and he scheduled me for a head and neck MRI. He wants to rule out MS, which is kind of scary. He says that sometimes, pregnancy can bring on the symptoms. BUT my intuition is telling me that isn't it. I just hope it isn't something too serious.

Pray for me okay?



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