Gingerly Lizzy

2003-09-04 - 1:35 p.m.

Thank goodness it wasn't MS! They think I might have bad carpal tunnel (which I suggested all along!), I go for a nerve test tomorrow and then back for an EEG to find out what the blacking out/fainting is all about. I am trying to tell them that I think it was my thyroid (since it ended up being high and since my dosage was adjusted I feel a little better). I am SO sick of doctors and tests and all of this, I can't wait until we can find out, get it fixed and MOVE ON!

Blake is getting longer and longer. He isn't so chubby though, I guess I thought he would be chubbier but he is more on the skinny side despite his constant nursing.

He is starting to use his hands to reach and try and grab, and is cooing constantly (a-ga, a-gi, gaaaa, aahhh), it is the most darling thing!

We are still having fun together but I have to admit that now that David is a back in school with a full time job, I get pretty lonely sometimes!

Well, sorry this is so short, so much to do, and way slow computer!

Off to read all of you!


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