Gingerly Lizzy

it's been way too long
2003-09-20 - 4:04 p.m.

I know, I know, it has been forever. I just don't find my time or even motivation to come and update these days.

The little squirt is on my lap, his new knickname being squirt for good reasons that I am sure you can guess.

Things are okay. Dave and I are both getting over a horrible case of the flu. Mine of course which hit with about 10x the strength his did...OF COURSE.

Still having tests done to try and find the cause of my syncopy. Not sure about the carpel tunnel though. My aunt, it turns out, got it for a year about two months AFTER both her pregnancies and then it went away. SO, this definitely means I am going to get a few opinions before I dive into surgery. I have been wearing braces at night and it seems to be helping me as the numbness has lessened quite a lot.

My father and brother are coming out here next weekend and my parents are looking into possibly moving here. That would be so great!

I have about five lbs of pregnancy weight to lose and then 10 more before I am satisfied!

I miss all of you... I miss reading about your lives. I need to go catch up, RIGHT NOW!

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