Gingerly Lizzy

I know I said...
2003-10-16 - 4:52 p.m.

I know I said that I was pretty much through with diaryland, but since I am at Katie's with nothing to do and high speed internet...

Things have been weird lately. I have been a moody girl, I am definitely still adjusting to being a mom and not feeling so much like me anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong, Blake was the best thing that ever happened to me (Dave too of course), but it is hard to find that balance and I know it will take sometime before I truly settle into this.

Dave and I had been not getting along so well either. I know it has been mostly my fault due to my bit of depression but last night we had the greatest talk and today I feel 100% better. It is amazing what a little communication can do!

Blake is getting more and more fun everyday. It is easier to get him to laugh now and he likes to play a lot more. He is grabbing his toes wich is adorable and he has the strongest little legs! All I have to do is hold his hands and he will pull himself from a sitting to standing position!

He looks so much like Dave, except with my eyes and chin. He is quite a cute little fellow and everyone just loves to tell him that!

The weight loss thing went pretty well. I am pretty much at my pre-pregnancy weight. I definitely need a lot of toning and what not but if is impossible for me to find a regular babysitter these days. Lets just say that I haven't had as much help from Dave's family as I hoped. I will be lucky to get a couple hours a week for Dave and I to spend together.

I am going to start waitressing at the restaurant a couple nights a week for some extra $ and some time away. Dave is trying to decide whether or not dental school is something he wants to pursue. He just doesn't know if he wants to spend the next 6 years in school. I think he would do awesome in business. People tend to look up to him and he seems to race up the ladder with every job that he does. Plus, can't say the thought of him being done with school in 2 years doesn't excite me!

Well, that is about all the "updating" I feel like doing at the moment.

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