Gingerly Lizzy

a long time.
2004-01-29 - 3:23 p.m.

I know, I know,

it has been FOREVER. I just don't feel much of a connection with this diary anymore. Life is too full!

Blake is wonderful. Cuter than ever and going on 8 months old now!

I am close to my prepregnancy figure. Just need to do some crunches and squats to tone things up a bit.

Dave is wonderful. His new job has been the biggest blessing. He decided he no longer wants to go into dentistry and is now pursuing a financial planning career and in school full time.

I will be heading home in February, can't wait for that but nervous to fly with a baby who won't sit still!

Katie is serious with a new boy, I like him... possible engagement for her this year?

All is well!

Dizzy Lizzy

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