Gingerly Lizzy

2004-10-10 - 5:42 p.m.

Well it has certainly been quite awhile. All is well. So far so good with Dave, he hasn't needed chemo. He will go in for another test in a week or so, as he will every month for this year but the more time that goes on without him needing it, the better his chance is that he never will.

The baby is growing big as is my tummy. The doc estimated a large baby - 9lbs!!! Funny since I gained less weight with this baby...This makes me more than a little nervous... I had a hard enough time with Blake! I am so excited to meet and hold my little daughter... and of course watch her melt her daddy!

Blake is so darn funny. Keeps us super busy and always laughing at some antic.

Daves dad is progressing... slowly but surely. We have great hopes.

Another 7 more weeks (hopefully much less) and we will be a family of four. I love our little family - I feel so blessed!

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