Gingerly Lizzy

2005-03-31 - 10:47 p.m.

I am a little sad at the moment. My dear sister Katie is moving back to Canada. She got a great nanny job, and leaves tomorrow morning. I will miss her so much! It was wonderful having her so close by again, being able to be bestest buddies again...


Blake was a stinker and a half today. I was at my wits end by six so he was put in his crib and watched a sesame street sing along video. We moved him into our room this week and Sydney into his room so that she will get better at sleeping through the night. Having her next to me all night was way too much. I barely slept. She would spit her soother (binky, pacifier) out and fuss and make noise and of course because I was trying to keep her quiet so Dave and I could sleep, I would keep putting it in. Needless to say, she was way too dependent on having me sleeping next to her. She wouldn't take naps unless I was beside her. Finally, after a particularly horrible, sleepless night, I moved the furniture myself.

The first night was a bit of a disaster. Blake was sick and coughing all night so he would wake up a lot, realize he wasn't in his room and start to cry. This happened every half hour. Of course Sydney cried a couple times too.

The second night was redemption. I didn't wake up until 7am to feed Sydney. I actually slept through one entire night!!!

I can't wait until our condo is finished and Blake and Syd will have their own rooms... so overdue!

Blake is such a funny little guy... he talks in his sleep just like Dave. The other night he sat up in bed and said "sauce" over and over and then plopped down and was out like a light again.

I have no idea why, but he likes the word sauce. Maybe because we can't get him to eat anything unless it has "sauce" on it. Sauce means any condiment or dressing.

You should she Blake and Dave dance around the living room when the apprentice comes on (Dave is addicted). Blake even sings "money, money, money, money"...

my funny little bug!

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