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Catching up
2005-05-19 - 10:19 p.m.

I am getting so sick on constant spam in my guestbook that I am contemplating closing it down and just using the notes. Anyone have any advice?

I know, I know. It has been ages since I last updated. I have begun selling some stuff on ebay (or trying to) and that seems to use up most the the free time for any diary-writing. I will try and do better.

Things have been pretty good. My vacation home to Canada was hectic. Much too small of a house to have a 2 year old toddler running around creating messes everywhere. And the fact that there were two flights of stairs leading to different floors to chase him up and down didn't help matters. I was ready to go home after a couple days (or would have been, had it not been for the anxiety over having to fly with both of them again by myself!).

I missed Dave, and my second legit mothers day... but it was wonderful to see my family and some friends. It was hard to see my grandmother though. She is living with my family as she is dying of leukemia. She and I were best of buds when I was little... It was hard to think that this might and most likely will be the last time I ever spend with her. I tried to make the most of it. But it was hard with the kids to deal with. I gave her a manicure the last night there... massaged her hands and tried to hold on in a way... I love her so much. I think I have been able to put off the thoughts of her death quite well; being so far away but it all hit pretty close to home while I was there.

On a happier note, I was able to spend a lot of time with one of my best friends in the world (Big Al). It seems that we are growing closer together and our friendship felt effortless... just as it did when we were so much closer together. She will be one of those friends who I will love all my life. You gotta love those ones!

My parents dog bit Blake on the arm. I know the poor thing was being tortured to death by him but it made me want to kick her all the same. Luckily, there were no real puncture marks... mostly just some bruising. It is almost completely faded now. It only took 10 seconds for him to get up the stairs and bug the dog while I was taking a phone message for my dad! The little rascal!

Sydney is a dangerous kind of baby. She is so sweet and happy and cute that it just makes me want to have loads and loads more. Good thing I hate pregnancy so much! Although our family definitely has only begun. Even now I find myself looking at newborns wistfully... JUST LOOKING MIND YOU!

And just for fun...


1. I am addicted to ER
2. I have to sleep with one leg out of the covers and one leg in
3. I suffer from terrible insomnia (Dave says it is due to a guilty conscience - the bum!)
4. I am the oldest of 6!
5. I am a germaphobic - I wash my hands a lot and hold my breath when people sneeze near me (as if that makes a difference)
6. I will always love barbies... NOT that I still play with them...
7. I love to fall asleep with the sound of wind blowing leaves around (quaking aspen trees make the BEST sleeping sounds)
8. I fantasize about renting a hotel room all by myself and just SLEEPING until I am all slept out. (Probably a lot of mothers have this same one!)
9. I have to read something while I eat breakfast. Even a recipe will do.
10. I have size 10 feet. (but I am tall... and they grew half a size after Blake was born!)

Oh yeah... and Dave and I have to move. We are renting a basement apt. from his parents. His mom is probably going to sell the house. She just can't afford to keep up the huge payments since his dads aneurysm and is depleting their savings way too fast trying to stay. I think it is a smart move but it is breaking her heart. She wanted all of her daughters to be married here.

Dave and I aren't sure whether we should buy a condo or a small house, or rent(we can't afford much at the moment). We don't think we will be staying much longer (maybe two years at the MOST)... any advice?

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