Gingerly Lizzy

Jobs, schmobs
2005-07-11 - 9:40 p.m.

I haven't updated in ages. Half of the reason is because everytime I try to, I am not able to due to some kind of diaryland problem.

Things have been pretty crazy lately. The kids keep me super busy of course, all the house hunting and it seems like everyone is getting married, having a baby, moving into town or away from it.

There has been some pretty exciting things happening as far as Dave's job opportunities. I came across a job add in the paper and shared it with Dave who interviewed with the compay - to make a long story short:

They come at him with a poor offer, he refuses. They come at him with a better offer, he wavers. They come at him with a decent offer, he shares other job possibility 411 with current boss, boss makes a counter offer. Dave decides to stay with current company with better pay. New company calls on a Saturday and say they will do "what it takes" to get Dave on board. We all clap our hands over our mouths at current offer on the table and we decide Dave will take it. Dave goes into current company and gives two weeks notice. They tell him they are taking him out to lunch at very nice restaurant and he is to let them know "what it will take" to keep him around.

Dave is one heck of a salesman. I guess the negotiating proves that.

He isn't sure what to do. He is comfortable at his current job and likes the people he works with. He doesn't think they are prepared to offer quite as much as the other company, but he feels secure there.

This new company will only require him to work part-time to pay him MORE than what he is making now. He is afraid that he will have more people breathing down his neck, but it also looks like there are many more possibilities for him to move up, and it seems like they will essetially be grooming him for a bigger job.

I guess we will have another sleepless night and contemplate what to do.

I am tired of tossing and turning but I know there are many worse reasons to be doing so at night and I am grateful that this is the reason.

I need a vacation. The sad thing is there is no hope in sight for having one any time this decade.



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