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And the award goes to...
2006-11-07 - 2:01 p.m.

It is so refreshing to finally experience a company that still practices true "customer service". I am doing Katie's wedding video and there was a mistake on the DVD that I ordered. I was afraid that I would be waiting forever to hear a response but it was quite the opposite, One True Media contacted me immediately and have sent three or four emails to make sure that I receive a flawless product. They have been polite and informative and have gone above and beyond.

Kudos to them. What a great business!

In other news. I am sick. As a dog. And of course, because I am a mommy, I don't get any time off. Instead, I get to change Syd's poopy diapers which is an affront to my very sensitive stomach. I get to clean up the house, which causes my sinuses to feel like they are going to explode every time I bend over to pick up another plastic animal. I get to go grocery shopping first thing in the morning and use my achey body to lug in 200lbs of groceries while my children decide that my legs make an appealing obstacle course. Best of all, I get to lay in bed at night for all of ten minutes in between soothing nightmarish fears and helping Blake pee all over the potty. Then, I lay down and squirm to the joy that is post nasal drip, and that itchy-throat pooling-with-muscus-until-I-choke feeling that is just the most pleasant of things.

And Dave has a meeting tonight, basketball tomorrow night and a huge football game that he has been looking forward to for forever on Thursday night.

The dude better not complain if I happen to buy a little something for myself the next time I am out doing some Christmas shopping.

And that is all I have to say on the matter.

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