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2006-11-12 - 12:25 p.m.

Yesterday was a good day together. We spent the morning hanging around doing not much of anything. We went family grocery shopping, which is always fun until David starts hurrying me along because he is getting bored. We purchased the movie Cars which we still haven't seen (we bought Over the Hedge a couple weeks ago and still haven't watched that one either) so we have some catching up to do.

We got home and it was apparent that Sydney was tired. After lunch, Dave and I jokingly told her to go climb in bed and take a nap. Sydney replied:
"Seep in Bakey's bed". So I said "Okay, go take a nap!" and she said "Okay!". In that adorable way that always makes us think she is the most obedient child ever.

Little did we know she would actually do it! I went downstairs to see what she was doing five minutes later and there she was, fast asleep in Blakes bed with her shoes on!

It was truly the cutest thing ever.

Dave's sister babysat for us that night and we went to see The Prestige which we both LOVED. Christian Bale... wowee. That is all I will say on the matter.

The kids had the time of their life and Aunt H's house. This was the first time Sydney has never cried when we have been away for awhile. She even cries for Grandma!

This morning in church, Blake at age three, was flirting with the little girl sitting next to him and kept moving closer and closer to her in the pew until the were touching. Just like his daddy.

We are GOING to take our family picture today... I am making a solemn vow here. I have to get those Christmas cards out before we leave for Katie's wedding (in TWO WEEKS!!! YEY!).

I will post it here later if we have sucess.

Time to go change the princess of poopiness.

Ahhhh... isn't my life glamorous!

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