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A Christmas Moment.
2006-11-19 - 8:38 a.m.

This morning Blake told me he was "berry hungwy".

Then he gets this really tired, half shut eyed look on his face and says:

"See, my wights (lights) are shutting down. And my bones are fawing (falling) low."

Don't ask because I have no idea.

In other news, Dave got back into town late Friday night... it was a nice reunion. *wink*. There are definitely pluses to travelling husbands, it makes for wonderful loverly times when they finally get home.

Saturday Dave watched football - and the kids while I got to go do SHOPPING!!! YEY! Christmas shopping, Katie wedding present shopping and even a little me shopping.

And then I had to honor an eyebrow waxing appointment. I really didn't time myself well because after I get my eyebrows waxed, I am RED. No, more like SCARLET for hours afterwards... and I still had a little shopping left to do.

What is worse, ignoring the fact that my entire eyebrow area looks like it just got into it with some Indian (As in American indian)war paint? Or explaining again and again to perfectly bewildered strangers why I look like such a freak?

I am thinking the latter.

Last night, after I got home and Dave complained that I was gone to long, we all put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I usually reserve this wonderful day for the day after Thanksgiving but since I will be running around like a mad person trying to get everything done before our big trip to Calgary on the day, (and we will be gone a whole week)I figured that made me less of a geek for putting them up so early.

The kids had a blast. I had a coronary every time Sydney decided to "hang" one of my treasured,old fashioned hand blown glass ornaments on the tree. Her hanging consists of taking aim and throwing it into the tree where we later have to retrieve it and hang it again without her noticing.

After we were finished, the kids stood there in awe. Blake was so excited I thought maybe he would pee his pants and kept telling him to go to the potty. Sydney kept looking at the tree and going "bootiful tee mommy!". It was darling. Then we all watched The Polar Express, which I put away last year so it would be fresh this year. The kids loved it.

Blake kept telling me Santa was going to come and I kept explaining to him that it wouldn't happen for another five weeks or so. Like he gets time!

Our tree (which is a hideously ugly cheap K-Mart tree that Dave and I bought the second year we were married), is pretty embarrasing with the lights off. But with the lights on, it's pretty magical isn't it?

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This tree better enjoy the magic while it lasts because it is going to Goodwill as soon as Christmas is Kaputz. And I am sure that you noticed the top of the tree seems much more well lit then the bottom? That would be because the lights on the top weren't working UNTIL we strung new ones on and then they decided to kick in. Oh well, there is no way I am taking everything off to take the lights off. It will just have to be a little lopsided. It doesn't look quite as weird in real life.

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