Gingerly Lizzy

2006-11-21 - 9:42 p.m.

Just got finished watching The Family Stone. I bought it. That is how much I love it. It makes me want to have seven kids so they can all come home for the Holiday's and create drama.

Then I spend an hour in real life and that number goes back down to three. Okay, maybe four.

I was putting off taking my car in (you know, the one that we are driving 14 hours in with two toddlers to Alberta?). I had taken it to get an oil change at a well known oil changing place and they told me that I had: an engine oil leak, a transmission leak (very, very expensive), and a front differential leak (whatever that is). So I was afraid. Very afraid that they would tell me that it would be $2000 to fix or something.

Well, I took the risk and told the mechanic about what the oil n'lube place said and he called me back to say...

"Your car looks great. No leaks. I would drive it to Alberta."

Thank Heavens. I found an honest mechanic... wait, I think I hear my fat neighbor lady singing???

That was probably completely politically incorrect. No nasty notes. I didn't make up the saying. And my neighbor isn't fat... she is skinnier than I am.

SO. It cost me about $120 total to get my spark plugs replaced, my windshield fluid pump replaced (don't EVER use baby wipes to try and clean off your windshield. It will have streaks for life!), and the car A.0.k.'d for the trip.

Sigh of relief. I will sleep a little better tonight.

Katie's fiancee made an pre-wedding week itinerary. HOW CUTE IS THAT? How many guys are that excited to get married?

Dave got a good laugh out of that one.

I have some serious cooking to do tomorrow. I volunteered to make my famous yams (see last post), creamed onions (that one is great too but I am not giving it out yet...), an apple tart and I think I might get REALLY ambitious and do butter tarts. They don't have butter tarts out here and most people haven't even heard of them!

These people just haven't lived a full life.

I will probably make them, no one will eat them, and I will end up taking 25 butter tarts home and have to eat them within two days. That could be bad.

I hope there will be leftover "butter" to help me get my butt out of my chair after I eat like a pig on Thanksgiving.

Seriously, I can put it away!

Tonight, I went in to snuggle Blake after Dave had put him to bed. He sang me a nice song about Thomas the train, gently moved the hair out of my eyes and gave me lots of tight snuggles. Then he said something that really cracked me up.

Today I was REALLY tired and angry that he wasn't listening and laying down in his bed for his nap like I had asked him a hundred times. So, I raised my voice and kind of smacked the end of his mattress to emphasize that I was VERY serious.

So tonight he says to me:

"Mommy, I know you are sowy (sorry) that you smacked my bed wike dis (then he demonstrates how I did it). And I am sowy dat I dinit (didn't) wisten to you."

Wow, that was like hours and hours ago. And I was surprised that it bugged him that much. I promised never to smack his bed again.

Sometimes it takes every inch of willpower I have NOT to eat him up right then and there. He is THAT cute.

Now if only I could figure out a way to wean him from his 3X a day watching Polar Express habit.

I believe.

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