Gingerly Lizzy

If you aren't in to sappy, don't read.
2006-11-24 - 7:49 a.m.

Of course I miss the people too... especially SUE! (Shout-out!)

Thanksgiving was great. The food was wonderful (so what if I brought half of it!), and it was fun to get to knows Dave's extended family better.

The only negatives were the long drive there and back (like we won't be doing enough driving tonight!), and the $200 dollar football game that Dave and his brother played. Why $200 you ask? Well, because Dave threw it too hard and broke the entire side mirror off his brothers truck.

Yes I know it was an accident BUT the stupidity lies in the fact that they decided to play on a stree lined with AUTOMOBILES.


But, even so, I am thankful for my big teddy bear of a husband who is always willing to snuggle and kiss me at any moment of the day, even if I have been a stinker. Who is a super hard worker and a wonderful provider for our family. He is a great daddy, a wonderfu lover and friend and athletic and handsome to boot! I'm thankful that he is always so open to trying new things and new views that people may have. That he can put up with little old me. How I have been blessed.

I am thankful for my little "Blakey" who; sneaks marshmallows out of the cupboard every morning, slow dances in the ilse to hymns at church with his sister, watches polar express at least twice everday, makes up songs to sing to me, always offers to "help" me, can run faster than I do, puts his underpants on backwards, shakes his tush at me when he gets out of the tub (it is the CUTEST tush), has to give me a minimum of 5 kisses every night, includes Thomas the Tank Engine in his prayers, and tells me I am the best mommy.

I am thankful for my baby Sydney who; tells me she is poopy and tells me "change a bum" (potty training should be a breeze with this one), adores little mermaid and thinks that any new face in the room indicates she should give her grand preformance of "ah ah ah... ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh", cries for me to rock her every night and sing to her, pushes her hair out of her face in this very grown-up-way and refuses me to put it up for her, wraps her hands around my neck and gives me the tightest hugs ever, smells so nice all the time. Okay, maybe not quite ALL the time, has the cutest, reddest little lips which she uses to make big smacking sounds when she kisses you, the way she says "I wuv u too mommy", she repeats everything that Blake says in the form of a question, and just because she is my little girl.

I am thankful for a wonderful group of friends, all over the world, who have loved me through the years, and all of my changes and changing.

I am thankful for the two wonderful family's that are mine. Who are ever loving and supportive.

I am thankful for our health, and mobility.

For the peace that this country affords.

For a Heavenly Father who loves and knows me.

For good butter tarts too.

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