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Sydney? Terrible Two's? Never!
2006-12-13 - 9:35 a.m.

And the winning Christmas card picture is...

I figured we could unveil it now that I am pretty sure anyone who reads this has gotten theirs already.

Life has been hectic as of late. We have two more weddings this month to go to, one work Christmas party and numerous holiday get-togethers.

I still have a huge amount of shopping to do for Dave, the kids, his sister (we exchange names) and a family that we are "helping out" (which I am REALLY excited about).

Last year it felt like I was going through Christmas on Auto-pilot. It was really the first year that that has ever happened. Looking back I think I was struggling with a little deppression.

This year Christmas is full-blown and meaningful again. I just wish that we could be at my home with my parents and siblings. They will all be home this year except for me. It is just too expensive now that we have to buy tickets for the kids too. One year...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!! My baby girl is two as of November 30th. We celebrated with my family in Calgary while we were there and she was spoiled with lots of Little Mermaid themed toys (she is on a huge Mermaid kick - every night I have to sing "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collections complete? yada yada". It is a LONG bedtime song!).

Blake and Sydney also got their Christmas present early - an entire collection of Robert Munsch books. He is the best childrens author and I actually enjoy reading his stories over and over to the kids.

The best present was them getting to spend some time with their grandparents "achoo" and "grandpa-O" (I will tell that story another time!).

In commemoration of Sydney's second birthday I will write her a little letter.

Dear Sydney,
These two years have flown by. You have gone from being the prettiest little baby that the doctor said "actually looks like a girl!", to a beautiful, funny little girl that makes mommy and daddy smile and laugh every day.

We never get tired of your unending kisses and tight hugs around the neck. Or the way you say "un (one) mo kiss" when you just haven't gotten enough.

I am fascinated by how self confident you are already, so sure of yourself and your decisions. I hope and pray that you hang on to that through your teenage years when you will need it the most.

If you only knew how hard it is for us to be strict with you because of your puppy dog eyes and funny little temper, you would take big time advantage of us!

I love the way that you sing the Little Mermaid theme, "ah ah ah, ahaah ahahhh!", everytime someone new comes into the room. You just can' resist showing off your bee-oo-t-ful singing skills.

I love that you would rather be in my arms than any other place, even though you are a busy toddler, that I have been able to hang on to my baby for so much longer.

I love the way you dote on your big brother, would follow him to the ends of the earth and always have kisses and hugs to give him. How you always want to dance with him instead of by yourself. How you wait on the floor after you have fallen, for him to help you up.

I am always so impressed by your impeccable manners. And the way you apologize for even the smallest of offenses. I hope you never change.

You still don't eat a thing, and drink like it is going out of style. I love to study your baby-ish, dimpled hands and feet and when I do it seems like you haven't grown much at all. And that is what I wish for at the moment... that you stay at this very point for longer. You father and I both want you to stop growing for awhile because we know it will be in a flash that we will be looking back, wishing for those hugs and kisses from that little girl that stole our hears even before we saw her little face.

But until then, I will hold you every night, we will rock in our chair and sing our songs. I will continue to get up in the night and take you into bed with us, just because I can. And because, it all goes way too fast, and I don't want to miss a second.


Is diaryland having some major issues today or is it just me?

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